Doorbell Cameras

I was wondering if anyone has posted pictures of all the different doorbell camera versions in the same position to see the overall difference in quality & overall field of view?


It would be nice if Wyze would put that visual comparison on the Support page:

Then copy the Support page to the storefront in the Video Doorbells area:

Maybe @WyzeJasonJ could pass this on to marketing. It sure would improve the consumer decision-making process.


…“Do it yourself”, exact same spot… V2 cam was placed in “front” of V1 to get the shots.
1st video is Doorbell V1, 2nd is Doorbell V2.

1st pic is Doorbell V1, 2nd is Doorbell V2.

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Thanks for posting! From the two shots, it appears that the VDBv2 Video Aspect Ratio is the same as that of the other Wyze Cams and not rotated 90° like the VDBv1. Is this correct?

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Yes, that is correct!

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