Wyze Video Doorbell v2 - Released 10/24/2023

Ding dong! :bell: Who’s there? :person_standing: It’s a 2K video doorbell with a first-of-its-kind microSD card slot for local recording. Let’s all welcome in the all-new Wyze Video Doorbell v2! :star_struck:

Available now USA :us: & Canada :canada:


Any plans for this to work with either existing chime? (v1 chime or doorbell pro chime)


It will not work with either existing chime (Wyze Video Doorbell or Video Doorbell Pro) and I don’t know of any plans to do that. It will currently work with most in-home chimes.

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Then it’s a show stopper for me. I have completely bypassed the original chime in my house.

I have the original Wyze Doorbell and loved that I could pair multiple chimes to the doorbell. I placed one chime on my first floor and a second in the basement.

By the way, that doorbell has been going strong since February, 2021! :smile:


When are they updating the app so I can add the new doorbell. It is not currently showing in the add device for the Wyze Video Doorbell v2.

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Why did you drop 5 GHz support? I know the video doorbell and doorbell pro are different products and this is the part Deux of the former but I’m really looking to upgrade my doorbell cam and the 5GHz makes all the difference to me where I have over 200 smart devices fighting over 2.4GHz air leaving the 5GHz mostly wide open. Subsequently my doorbell pro also happens to be the only wyze product that isn’t stuck in a drop/reconnect connection loop. Maybe a doorbell pro 2 announcement is coming? :slight_smile:


Isn’t the connection to the wyze chime sometime that’s done in software?

If it’s hardware, not including the option to connect to wyze chimes (in addition/alternative to mechanical chime) seems like a huge oversight…


Not supporting the v1 Wyze chime is a big disappointment for me too. I have a Wyze Video Doorbell and would love to upgrade to the v2 for 24/7 SD card recording.

I have a 2-story house, and before getting the Wyze doorbell I had two remote chimes connected to my house chime. When I bought the Wyze doorbell I got rid of the remote chimes and replaced them with Wyze chimes.

If I get the v2 doorbell I’d have to dump the Wyze chimes and buy remote chimes again. I guess I shouldn’t have sold my old remote chimes on ebay :unamused:


I am hoping this V2 wired doorbell will interface with the Lock Bolt. My V1 wired doorbell will not (I have read) but the wireless Pro version would.

I am going to have to remember what I bypassed on my mechanical chime again to wire it back in.

Will hand down my two V1’s (and chimes) to my kids.

Looking forward to having local SD recording.

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I have the original Wyze Doorbell, Will this work with the same mounting holes I drilled in my brick?


Please clarify- should this Wyze V2 wired doorbell work with existing WIRELESS Honeywell chime? Or will it only control wired chimes?

I am looking into this now, but it should be today or tomorrow.

I am not positive why it was dropped but my guess would be because it is part of the regular line and not the Pro line so it helps keep the cost down.

It will not work with wireless chimes as the chime controller needs to be wired into the chime.

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Does anyone know if this new doorbell can be added to a camera group?

So Just bought the Pro DoorBell, beside the SD Card, what is the different?

Yes, this can be added to a camera group.


Excellent - currently I have a camera group and a doorbell group

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Is there a built-in battery, replaceable batteries, AA, or is it powered otherwise?

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I believe it is hard wired into the existing low voltage doorbell wiring like the V1 was.

It is powered by the in-home doorbell wiring (transformer) like the original Wyze Video Doorbell.