Have Wyze Doorbell Use Existing Chime

Hello…Love you products. I was really interested in switching to the Wyze Video Doorbell when it comes out but I want to be able to keep my homes current doorbell chime. It works perfectly and I do not want to have to switch the Wyze chime. Makes no sense to me. I think every other Video Doorbell works with the current homes chime.
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We have now launched the Wyze Video Doorbell v2 that will ring in-home chimes.

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Hi @rwdrr2! welcome to the community!!!

Please add the ability to use existing chimes to future Video Doorbell releases, and if possible, add to the current release.

Thanks for all your great work!!! :smiley: :+1:


This is showcased as a WIRED doorbell solution, which means it is primarily intended for use in homes with existing doorbells, power, and wiring. It makes NO SENSE to require the user to switch to an RF door chime when they have a complete solution already and simply want to add the Wyze video feature.

Think about the environmental and economic impacts of requiring the users to replace their working system with unnecessary items to duplicate what the user already has. Wyze is paying for RF TX and RX electronics, a bell electronic module, speaker, plastics, batteries, etc. What a waste! With the same price point, there would be much more profit for Wyze and less environmental impact by using what the user already has and wants to continue to use.


I’m probably going to preorder the doorbell. Please add an upgrade option when you do decide to add existing chime functionality. I don’t plan on plugging the chime in (it’s ugly… sorry). Also, consider adding a separate iOS app like ring does for quick performance and perhaps with a distinct chime for iPhones.


i agree, video doorbell needs to work with existing chime, wyze can easily fix this by adding a power bank/adapter link Ring does to make it work with house chime


I was anxiously awaiting this product launch, especially since it was a wired option. It is nonsensical that Wyze would not spec this unit to use an existing wired chime. Come on, guys, think these things through!


You can upvote on this here: Have Wyze Doorbell Use Existing Chime


you just linked to the current thread…

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IT IS NOT A DOORBELL if it doesn’t ring the existing, electromechanical chime that every house already has.

False advertising. Especially deceptive that you called it a wired doorbell!

Wyze. Let’s get something clear. You have ONE JOB. a doorbell does ONE THING first, and by very definition. Close contact on two wires to ring the bell in the house. It’s not that hard. Software need not be involved. An old nail can do it, or a penny.

Want to add technology? ok…
Want to add a camera? great.
two way talk? great.
LED illumination? great!
motion detection? now you’re talking
motion zones? uh huh
wireless chime OPTION? sure, ok…
vibrating massager? uhm, what?
gold medalion? now you’re getting carried away but don’t forget about the ONE JOB that you have to do. Ring the bell.

Well. You failed at that. So, it’s not a doorbell. It’s a wyzecam with a button. Nobody wanted that. Take it back. What a disappointment!

I placed a preorder for THREE of them as soon as I saw they were available to preorder because I trusted the Wyze brand, but I have been betrayed evidently. So I am cancelling my pre-order. How profoundly disappointing.


A lot of people want that, not everyone does, but many do.


Many people want a wired doorbell that doesn’t, you know, ring the doorbell? While I can see some limited use cases, those would not be a majority.


Show me EVEN ONE single post before the product was released, where a person asked for a “smart” doorbell that DOESN’T ring the mechanical doorbell, but some wireless doorbell instead.

UPDATE: Citations received from original post on 2020-09-29 and 2021-08-14: ZERO



Oh crap, I’ll probably send it back when I get it if they have not fixed this PROBLEM by then. I want my normal doorbell to work.


I went with August a few years ago because it would ring my current doorbell. In my mind, it is just a simple little relay that needs to close. Especially at 24v ac I can’t imagine a small IC board mount relay can’t be incorporated. I would be willing to pay the few extra dollars for that. So for now, I keep my frustrating August doorbell.


I want the wyze doorbell to ring my current doorbell. I have a very elaborate chime in my house and don’t want to lose it. Please add this to your offering!


Decided not to buy because of this issue.


I won’t buy it until they get this to ring a doorbell… I don’t get why something simple was bypassed… on a wired solution…


The way a doorbell works is by interrupting the electrical connection.
Instead, the Wyze doorbell camera uses that constant power to continually keep power going to it for its functions.
One way to work around this would be to include a rechargeable battery inside of it that would allow it to disconnect from its power source to trigger the doorbell and still maintain power for that brief period to retain its WiFi connection and record video too.

It looks like Ring has a work-around that allows them to interrupt the signal without losing power (they and Nest also have RF modules that connect inside of the chime itself to trigger it and maintain the power to the camera.)

Unfortunately, my guess is that they were unable to include an RF-transmitter/receiver, or a rechargeable battery system and keep the cost as low as they did.

An option could be to create a Wyze accessory that connects inside of the chime and reacts when the doorbell button is pushed (a reverse-sensor, so maybe it would just require one of their Wyze Sensor Bridges, or similar device to receive the trigger from the doorbell and send it to the power-interrupter in the chime?)

Regardless, it’s a $30 Wyze doorbell for Pete’s sake and it comes WITH an indoor chime.
While a feature like “use existing chime” would be nice, it probably would wind up doubling the cost. So for what it is, I think it’s a great deal.
If they can find a way of making the indoor chime work still, that would be even better, and probably cost another $20.

Then again, if you want a second doorbell, you could consider a separate power-supply and have two doorbells (either another transformer, or something like this.)


They would have a much more marketable product if they had foregone the wireless indoor chime (or make it an optional accessory) and focused on making the unit compatible with existing chimes. By eliminating that additional piece of hardware from the box, perhaps they could have only increased the price a few dollars…or not at all.


This is simply a deal breaker for many people looking to retrofit their homes with a “smart” doorbell. Maybe just skip bundling the RF chime, which many don’t want anyway, and upgrade the electronics instead. This device is already significantly cheaper than the competition (so much so that I think this actually will imply poor quality to some) and I’d rather it cost a bit more but work as expected here.