Doorbell v2 support with Doorbell v1 Wyze Chimes

Doorbell v2 support with Doorbell v1 Wyze Chimes. V1 Doorbell chimes are great, because they allow you to put a chime in your basement, backyard deck, or other areas that your typical built-in chime that comes with your house, doesn’t provide the ability to hear usually in remote areas of your home.

I don’t believe this wishlist item has been submitted yet. I didn’t see clearly this was submitted yet.

Huge +1 to this. The lack of this support makes the usability and usefulness of v2 inferior to v1.

With my v1, I had a chime in the garage, one upstairs, and one outside on the deck. With the v2, I can no longer hear the doorbell from everywhere in the house.

Huge UX hit without this support.


I VERY strongly agree with this, I was forced to completely replace my chime and transformer ($30 extra) because the old one was a 10V 5VA model. I was replacing a V1 doorbell and would’ve been quite content to keep using the existing Wyze Chime with the V2. Plus this could provide Wyze with extra revenue for people who don’t want to (or can’t) use their existing chime and would need to purchase a Wyze Chime.


Wyze Chimes support for Video Doorbell v2

Can Wyze please add the ability to support the Wyze Chime plug in accessory? Right now it only works with v1.

Would be wonderful to support v2! Along with different sounds for Seasons. Thank you! :slight_smile:



I just finished installing a v2, only to find out either my old chime doorbell is busted, or it’s not compatible. I want to be able to use my Wyze Chime (from my v1)


I absolutely need this because my mechanical chime does not work even though it looks just like the mechanical chime they show on their web page instructions.


I just noticed that Wyze has tagged this wish-list item as “Probably Not”. Just when I thought this company was finally turning the corner to being better than “okay”…


Further, the marketing for the Wyze Doorbell v2 is a DISASTER. The FAQ says “Wyze Video Doorbell v2 is a true UPGRADE from our original wired doorbell, delivering some of our most requested features in a new, shiny black package.” Unfortunately, it is NOT an upgrade because it does not work with the Wyze Chime. I bought the v2 for a disabled friend when his current Wyze doorbell failed multiple times to take a firmware upgrade. I figured that instead of a bunch of troubleshooting, I would just UPGRADE to v2. He does not have an existing old school, 16V chime on his house and now that the v1 Chime is not compatible, he has no way to tell if someone is at the door! I finally dug all the way through the FAQ to find at the very bottom that the Chime is not compatible with the Doorbell v2 – what??? That makes the “upgrade” statement pretty misleading for anyone thinking they can now swap out v2 for v1 and get color nightvision, SD card storage, and 2K video.


It really is absurd. I had so much hope for this one. Wyze has been taking a beating over this release for its shoddy (and flat-out untrue) compatibility with existing chimes and resistors. There was a blatant lack of sufficient testing. Wyze blew it once again. So close.


Given how poorly this was handled, the right thing for you to do, Wyze, is to offer a buy-back program for V1 customers who puchased more than 1 chime. In my case that was 3. Not that I’d still consider going with this “significant upgrade” since I really do need all 3 of my chimes.

Wyze marking this as “Probably not” means an “absolutely NOT” for me going with this “Significant upgrade” over my V1 video doorbell. Thanks yet once again Wyze. I really have a hard time believing your engineers are this stupid to completely ignore backwards compatibility. No, I have to believe this is all quite deliberate, i.e. planned obsolescence.


I fully expect Wyze to release a v2-compatible, add-on chime, to force us to spend more money instead of them supporting the existing chimes we’ve already bought.


So the wyze chime truly does not work and is not compatible with the doorbell Cam 2? So i am wasting me time trying to get the wiring to work? My doorcam works fine but i never know when someone is at the door.


Correct, the Wyze Chime is not supported by the Doorbell Cam 2. Your only options are to wire it to your old existing doorbell chime or if you have some Amazon Echo devices around running Alexa, you can have Alexa announce when someone rings the doorbell. I had issues with both of those solutions, the first being that my existing chime was woefully underpowered, and that for some reason Alexa sometimes would take her sweet time announcing that the doorbell had been pressed, to the point where the person would have left before I was notified. So I replaced my old analog doorbell chime and transformer with a much more powerful one, and that fixed the problem. Of course, I was out an additional $30 for the new doorbell/transformer. I was replacing a V1 doorbell so I had (have) an unused Wyze Chime which I would LOVE to have used, but for some reason Wyze didn’t want to support their own product and was willing to lose out on making a little more money from people who needed a chime.

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I probably spent over an hour chatting with a support representative to figure out how to connect the three wires red, black, white to the two posts on my older doorbell chime unsuccessfully. Does the doorbell not even ring to the app or give any indication that someone is at the door? My transformer is powering the doorbell cam just fine, but I have not found the successful combination of wiring to connect that little black transmitter to the old doorbell chime. Has anyone been successful at doing that and if so, will the wyze chime connect to that transmitter and ring when someone presses the button?

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My chime was a 20+ year old analog chime which used a 10V 5VA transformer, which was well below the specs required by the V2 (16-24V 10VA). I wired it exactly as shown in the instructions, but it did nothing when I pressed the doorbell. The doorbell itself makes a “ding-dong”, but the transformer didn’t have enough power to power the doorbell and ring the chime. I replaced the transformer with a 16V 30VA one (and a new chime just in case the original couldn’t handle the additional voltage), and then everything started working. On the iPhone, the app does notify you that someone has rung the doorbell. The V2 doorbell does not connect to the Wyze Chime and apparently never will. I see a Newhouse Hardware 16V 10VA transformer on Amazon for $12, the 16V 30VA one is $20. I went with the beefier one just to be sure. If I had it to do all over again, I’d try the 10VA one as it appears to be smaller, the bigger transformer doesn’t quite fit in the box and the chime is offset away from the wall about 1/2 inch or so, but it’s hardly noticeable (except by me).

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There is no notification at all on the app that anyone is at the door. The only ring is on the doorbell outside itself so the person at the door hears the doorbell ring on the device but there is no indication or sound in the app that someone as depressed the doorbell. As far as the wiring instructions they were not very clear to me on how to wire the three wires on the wyze receiver to the 2 wires on the transformer in the wall chime. This has been so frustrating…especially at this time of year when so many people are coming to our home for Christmas related activities…Is there a setting in the app to get the phone to ring? I do have a pixel 6pro so it is not an iPhone. Is that that problem? Does wyze only work on iPhones?

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I ended up having to get another V1 doorbell because of the inability to use the chimes I have installed everywhere in my house.

V2 means a new version, usually with better functionality. I was so bummed to get a better doorbell and immediately have to uninstall it.

So vastly disappointing. From what I can tell it’s a simple API call, I don’t see a reason the technology couldn’t support this.


Coming here to maybe get traction on this again? Can’t believe v2 doesn’t support Wyze Chime, seems like a no-brainer. In my case, two-story house: having a wireless chime upstairs and downstairs made it possible to hear throughout the whole house. Doorbell v2 is a step backwards in that regard.

Really seems absurd that they wouldn’t support their own product on the new version, at least as an option.

To be fair i still plan on getting the v2, the 24/7 record function with a memory card is the one thing i wish the v1 had and makes it worth it. I will need to buy a new, generic doorbell chime to replace the old one (that i threw away after installing the Wyze doorbell v1), Still hope that they will eventually add suport for the wyze chime so i can have a chime upstairs.


You may be better off adding a Wyze camera to your front door - doorbell AND camera. Seems cheaper than v2 and gives all the functionality you want. Also the camera can be positioned to show you stuff the doorbell can’t.

TreyTheDad, can you tell us what you purchased exactly to get it working.

I’ve not been able to get my mechanical chime to work. Of course most of the time my 2 v2 doorbells aren’t even connected despite the mesh router they’re connected to is only a few feet away.

Maybe both my issues would be solved if I replace the transformer and old chime, but I’m not sure what to purchase.