Doorbell v2 support with Doorbell v1 Wyze Chimes

Another potential option, I had another user tell me that they were having trouble wiring their VDBv2 as well, and instead of getting a new transformer, support gave them alternate wiring instructions and they said that actually worked to fix it for them! Here are the instructions they used to fix it for them:

You can purchase a 16V, 30VA transformer, easy to find these on amazon or at your local hardware/home improvement store.

The 30VA versions allow more power to pass through, which allows you to connect multiple devices (i.e. doorbells plus chime). This will help especially if you have 2 doorbell devices and a chime connected to the same transformer.

The 10VA version transformers were really only made to power a single mechanical chime, and not a modern camera doorbell.

Transformer, specifically the 16V 30VA one (currently $19.99):
Unfortunately this transformer is physically larger than my original one, so it stuck out of the box in the wall by about 1/2 inch. This makes the entire chime stand away from the wall a bit, but it’s close enough in my opinion. Maybe I could’ve punched out the back of the box, I don’t know. I think the 16V 10VA one would fit better and would probably work if you only have one doorbell, but I didn’t want to experiment, I just wanted it to work. You could also try the tri-volt, which is cheaper and also supplies 16V 10VA, or you could try the 24V 20VA contacts but then you would need a different chime than the one I got (below).

Chime (if you go with a 16V transformer): (Currently $14.27)
I chose this one because it looked very similar to my existing analog chime. It wasn’t quite the same size and I didn’t like the sound of the “bells” as much as my old one, so I was able to transplant the “guts” into my old case (amazingly the design had barely changed in 25+ years and the solenoid assembly just snapped out and snapped into my old case/bells).


I Am Saying The Same On this End. Thats What Has Me Here Now! Im Confused Should I Go With Another Brand And Or Should I Expect Another Set Back?

I ended up buying this one at Home Depot:

I connected to the 24 volt 20 VA and now the doorbells do not disconnect but only the back doorbell chain rings in the front does not so I’m going to try the alternative wiring and see if that works.

Just installed the v2 to find out Wyze doesnt support their own chime??? What a waste. The V1 has terrible audio but a great chime, and this has decent audio and no chime. The wireless v1 chimes outweigh the new features of the v2.

Yeah, it’s an absolute tragedy

Isn’t that so unfortunate. I bought a new transformer and new manual chime and it still doesn’t work. Everyone still must knock. Had to put up a sign asking people to knock because new wyze doorbell doesn’t work. I guess it’s time to reinstall my Ring…

This doesn’t solve the compatibility with the V1 chime request, but for anyone who has Pan V3’s, Wyze has added a new feature in the latest firmware to have them all be able to “Chime” when the doorbell button is pressed.

The V3 cams also apparently have a firmware version in Beta testing to allow this soon.

I assume that means more of the other camera models might be getting the same feature.

It still doesn’t solve this request to be able to use the existing v1 chimes, but it might work for a few people who already have cameras in place. Also, some other people who don’t want cameras seeing them in their homes can always have the camera face the wall & maybe even tape a cover over the lens to just use it as a chime, and then maybe turn it around just when you leave on vacation and use it as security during that time.

Just thought some people would like to know there is now a workaround for some people’s usecases to get a chiming sound in different areas besides just from the mechanical chime.

I found this thread after I finished replacing my Doorbell 1 with the Doorbell 2 and not finding the option to add the Chimes. The fact that the Chime is not supported boggles my mind; Doorbell 1 and Doorbell 2 are part of the same product family.

Did Wyze give rational on their resistance to supporting the Chime?

I see folks have workarounds to basically get another doorbell & transformer. Are there any workarounds to the v1 with the Chime "plugged in somewhere without having to do too much electrical work??

Well, came here to say that it’s ridiculous they aren’t supporting the older chimes. And scummy that they didn’t make it obvious on their store page that it wasn’t supported (after all this time).

I cannot use this without the V1 digital chime, and have to return it.

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Really disappointed to read this news. I was all ready to buy the V2 because the ONLY thing I hate about the V1 is the lack of local recording. Fixed one issue and created a new one! When I installed my V1, I pulled out the old 1950s mechanical chime and all it’s wiring, because the WYZE chime worked so well. Now they’re saying I need it again?!?!? VERY DISAPPOINTING WYZE. I have been a customer since you started. Seems to me there are a LOT of unhappy customers over this oversight. Does WYZE even have an explanation?!?!?


I have lodged a complaint with the consumer protection department of the attorney general’s office of Washington State where Wyze is HQ and encourage you all to do the same.

I do not trust that Wyze is being forthright with covertly dropping support for chimes from v1 to v2. We all bought the device with the good faith understanding that the chimes would be supported with a version bump of the device - after all you don’t drop key functionality unless clearly stated or advertised.

I have repeatedly requested via customer support for the engineering and product teams to inform us what is the technical limitation for dropping this key feature with only receiving the runaround and closing my support ticket. We demand better product and customer support!

Yeah this is bizarre, I have no chime and was coming from Ring cams as I wanted SD storage. I just bought many cameras and looks like no way to have my doorbell actually ring. Hope they like returns!

I want to use the V2 for the card storage, but not having the capability to use the V1 chime or offer a chime to use, then this doorbell should be a downgrade to the V1 version. Need to listen to your customers and allow for the remote chime feature. Please issues a software update that allows use of the V1 chime. PLEASE

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