Doorbell v2 Cameras as Chime

What is the Cameras as Chime feature supposed to do for the Doorbell v2? When I go to the setup it doesn’t show any cameras available. Is this just new and not working yet?

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This is a feature that is coming out for the Wyze Video Doorbell v2 where it will utilize a camera as a door chime. Currently the only camera that can be used with this feature is the Wyze Cam OG but we are working on getting it into other cameras.


When? The new v2 doorbell feels kind of “bait and switch” like. It is NOT a drop in replacement for people who were using the Wyze Chime with their V1 doorbell. Marketing material showed that it could use a Wyze Camera as a chime, but that is not working for most camera models. There are no great guides on setting up the Alexa integrations to use that as a work-around. Do better.

Could you point me to or show me those materials so I can go make sure they say what cameras are currently available and what ones are not. As far as when I know they are working on it now that they have the OG working, but I do not have a timeline yet.

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