Doorbell v2 Cameras as Chime

What is the Cameras as Chime feature supposed to do for the Doorbell v2? When I go to the setup it doesn’t show any cameras available. Is this just new and not working yet?

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This is a feature that is coming out for the Wyze Video Doorbell v2 where it will utilize a camera as a door chime. Currently the only camera that can be used with this feature is the Wyze Cam OG but we are working on getting it into other cameras.


When? The new v2 doorbell feels kind of “bait and switch” like. It is NOT a drop in replacement for people who were using the Wyze Chime with their V1 doorbell. Marketing material showed that it could use a Wyze Camera as a chime, but that is not working for most camera models. There are no great guides on setting up the Alexa integrations to use that as a work-around. Do better.

Could you point me to or show me those materials so I can go make sure they say what cameras are currently available and what ones are not. As far as when I know they are working on it now that they have the OG working, but I do not have a timeline yet.

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So are there plans for older cameras being supported for the chime as well ?

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Yes, we are working on support for some of them now.


Would that mean some v3 cameras would act as a chime?

I have the doorbell v2 and my mechanical chime isn’t working. I’d really love to get my inside cameras to sound off when the bell is rang!

any eta on this?

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I bought the V2 Doorbell expecting it to alert me in my back shop on my Wyze Cam V3 but… you really don’t even have it working yet. Sooo disappointing. Please hurry with an update to let us use this wonderful feature.

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Any update on the ETA?

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Welcome to the Forum, @fposadac!

This feature is currently working for me on a Cam OG and Cam Pan v3s, even when I don’t want it to (I have a related Fix-It Friday post about this). :roll_eyes:

bump, looking to use wyze cam v3 as chime please!

Same here as everyone else waiting to be able to use their existing wyze cams as chimes with the V2 doorbell. I just bought the doorbell and was a bit disappointed when I couldn’t connect it to my existing wyze cams. Is there a timeline when we can expect this?

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I just want to Echo this. I would love to use my Cam V3/V4 and Pan V2 as chimes. Thanks!