Doorbell v2 Cameras as Chime

Yup. I first read about it when the Cam Pan v3 firmware update was released in April, and the link in my previous post points to other information about it as well as a place to vote and share your thoughts about adding more Actions to Rules.

I don’t have any experience with the Video Doorbell Pro, but I agree with you about the microSD recording. That feature and the ability to use the house’s built-in mechanical chime were what got me into the Video Doorbell v2.

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Any update? Trying to figure out my options for a chime in my new house. I have lots of camera but no OG (and I don’t want one).

I’m not sure why that was directed at me, but I don’t work for Wyze and so can’t provide any updates about anything (and I’m not sure what kind of update you’re seeking, or on what). The posts from Jason :point_up: are the latest official word I’ve seen here, and the Wyze Help Center article on the subject (which indicates it was last updated 3 months ago) says this:

Support for using your Wyze Cam as a chime is limited to Wyze Cam OG, Telephoto, and Wyze Cam Pan v3 for now. We plan to expand this function to Wyze Cam v3 soon.

Note that this is “soon” in Wyze time, so…. :man_shrugging:

You also didn’t say which Wyze camera models you’re currently using, only that you don’t want a Cam OG.

In my experience, this feature is buggy, and I actually prefer the way it works on my Cam OG to how it’s working (even when I don’t want it to) on my Cam Pan v3. I can understand why you might not want a Cam OG, but my experience with that model has been positive, and I would’ve bought more if not for the recent sale where the Cam v4 was only only nominally more expensive than the Cam OG.

I don’t know if you use any other smart home stuff, but if you’ve got something like a Google Home or Amazon Echo smart speaker, then it should be possible to have your Video Doorbell v2 button press trigger an announcement or other sound via automation, so that might be something to consider.

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Having similar issues. I bought a v2 doorbell wanting to use my OG and CamPan v3 as chimes. Had no issue with the installation of the doorbell but when I tap on the “Camera as chime” button, the camera selection screen flashes for a moment and reverts back to the Chime screen and displays a small “FAIL” pop up near the bottom. Chatted and spoke to many wizards. None of them knew about the issue and had me do a bunch of obviously unhelpful stuff. BTW, this also happens on 2 other devices that I have my account logged in to. I also just added another OG (brand new) and now all 4 cameras( I also have a telephoto) show on the selection screen for a brief moment before reverting back to the chime and then displaying fail pop up.

Not sure why that was directed to you either - sorry about that. That said, good idea on the Google Nest Audio - I do have several that would work. I assume this is the same as setting up google home to show the cameras? p.s. I have pretty much EVERY other camera model than the OG. I just don’t need any more cameras and have a big house that I want to ring throughout.

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Me too. I have 10 V3´s, none OG. Still waiting for such and easy upgrade.

I notice that your profile indicates you’re using both Android and iOS. Are you experiencing this failure on both platforms? I’ve read elsewhere on the Forum that some users who experience this failure on iOS have been successful attempting the operation on an Android device.

My main device is iOS (iPhone,iPad) The only way I could successfully set up Camera/s as a chime was with an Android device. Not sure if Wyze is have coding conflicts with iOS App, but it’s definitely something Wyze and Apple need together and fix.

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No worries. I just want to be clear about my role as another user.

It’s not my idea, but thanks. I believe at the time of the Video Doorbell v2’s launch, Wyze published inaccurate messaging about the ability to (natively) use Google Home smart speakers as accessory chimes, but this has since been amended. At some point since then, the “Voice Notifications” option on the Doorbell’s “Device settings” screen within the Google Home app has appeared, but I’m still unclear about what this is supposed to do. (My understanding reading here in the Forum is that enabling this can send announcement messages throughout the home for motion detection and that this can be annoying, but I think that might be for Cam Plus subscribers, which I am not. In my experience so far, enabling Voice Notifications for the Doorbell has no apparent effect.)

I don’t want want to make any assumptions about how you’re achieving that, because I don’t know if you’re talking about using Automations, voice commands to Google Assistant, or something else. As I’ve said, simply enabling Voice Notifications for the Doorbell within the Google Home app has had no apparent effect for me. When I’ve set up a Househole Routine using “Doorbell rings” as a Starter, this has also had no apparent effect. What has consistently worked for me for several months is the work-around described elsewhere (and linked from the post where I describe the particular Wyze Rules and Google Home Automations that I’m using). While I’m using Google Home “broadcast”-type announcements, at least one other Forum participant is using a doorbell playlist for the smart speaker sound, so at least you have some flexibility regarding how you choose to go with this.

If that includes Cam Pan v3, then using that could also be a possibility, depending on the camera’s location (it may not be useful to have it ring as a doorbell chime outside, for instance), but I’ve already described this feature as being buggy with one of those cameras. :point_up:

I’m glad you were able to get this to work, even if you had to resort to using an Android device. Although that’s my mobile platform of choice, and I realize that cross-platform development has its own set of challenges, I do get frustrated by the lack of parity between the experiences of Android and iOS users of the Wyze app.

This issue happens on both platforms. I did notice that on the ipad, the “cameras as chime” screen actually loads and allows me to select one or more cameras. But, upon tapping “done”, I receive the following alert: Operation Failed. Please Try Again. On the android phones, the cameras as chime screen just flashes, crashes, and reverts back to chime screen. Then I get a little “FAIL” alert down at the bottom.

That hasn’t been my experience, though I’ve had other problems with this feature. I should note that I’m still using the current 2.5x production version of the Wyze app along with current production firmware for both my OG and Pan v3 cameras and that I haven’t updated the Video Doorbell v2 firmware since January (because of the notifications issue), but I don’t know if that’s directly related.

Fixed the issue. Left the beta and voila. Fixed another issue I was having with not being to zoom on any of my v3s as well.

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I wondered if that might be part of the issue, which is why I wanted to mention my operating conditions. If you have the time but haven’t already done so, I think sharing your experience in the appropriate beta topic(s) might be appreciated.