Bought the new Wyze Video Doorbell v2 - Just to find out it doesn't work with v1 Chime

Why is it that now when you buy a Wyze product you have to go read the fine print?

I bought the new Wyze Video Doorbell v2 which should, in my mind, work with my current chime. It is an upgraded version of it, but why should the chime change. Why is it that on the previous version you made me REMOVE my old in-house chime to work with doorbell-v1 - it brought it’s own chime which made sense, I can put it anywhere. But now that I buy the new version 2 - I’m looking forward to the 2k, micro-sd recording, AI detection, and better camera over all - looking forward to that and I end up buying it right away. Just to find out now that it REQUIRES! a freaking in-house chime and it doesn’t support the OBVIOUS v1-chime which is just a chime!

Why doesn’t it support it? It doesn’t make sense to me - now I’m here stuck with the new device and I’m stuck to the digital-chime on the device outside the house.

I’m upgrading to a better version that relies on an older in-house chime with a chime controller - that’s gotta be a joke - we are working backwards here!

I have been a Wyze fan and supported for a very long time and every time new products come along I quickly go buy and support. But man, Wyze seems to no longer be a trusted brand at all.


Subject should say Doorbell V2 does not work with V1 remote Chimes

I just ordered the V2 excited for finally having the SD card option (even if the location doesn’t look the best).
I began to open the box, but was surprised after looking the wired chime device that goes into the doorbell so the old doorbell chime will work. Ok, interesting - I would have thought that was the way that the V1 would have worked. That is ok if it is an upgrade.
However, I did a little more research online about how to install the new chime interface, and I saw nothing about using my remote chimes. The instructions for installing the new chime interface is not even in the instructions, I read you have use the app to get those instructions.
After a bit more searching I found the note on another Wyze page that says that Remote Chimes do not work with the new V2 Doorbell. WHAT?? The note is way at the bottom of a FAQ that doesn’t show up in the normal product details.

I’ve invested in 2 additional remote chimes for my V1 so that we can hear the doorbell 3 places in the house. Now I will lose that functionality if I install the V2 doorbell??
No, I’m not losing my 3 remote chimes - that is a deal breaker.

The V2 doorbell is going back.

Let me know when you get around to a doorbell with a hidden/secure SD card slot and ability to ring the chimes I have already invested and chosen as a better solution.


Just as a matter of clarification, it doesn’t actually require a mechanical or wired digital chime, though it does support them.

I activated one with and one without a mechanical chime. It will still ring my phone, and it can use Alexa Echo devices as chimes too.

I do agree that it would be nice if Wyze had other portable chimes that would work with it right now. Maybe someone can ask them about that in their AMA where on Friday they’ll be answering questions that are posted in this thread: AMA with Wyze Founders and PM’s - 10/27/2023


This is fine - but my kids don’t have phones and I don’ thave any echo devices to use as chimes.

As @ kah731 was saying - some of us had already invested in Wyze’s v1 doorbell - and I had even removed my mechanical chime as it was no longer needed. And on the “upgrade” Wyze decides to make it a requirement for non-smart-home-chime solution.

Can google devices work as chimes? or is it only alex ones?


It looks like Google devices aren’t currently set up to work as chimes. I think they will likely enable this, but it seems it’s not currently there, so don’t get it with the hopes it will happen, because you never know, it may not. I asked an employee about this, but we don’t have an official response yet.

Sorry, wish I could tell you something more useful for your situation, but I gotta answer with how it is.

Matter of clarification, I mistyped up above. I meant to say I am going to be using one with a mechanical chime and one without any mechanical chime (but will be using phone and Alexa speakers on all of them).

If someone posts about this in the Reddit AMA, I will upvote it.

Just linking it here in case it’s missed in the other thread, Google devices (and Amazon Echo devices) CAN be used as chimes (with a relatively easy workaround):

Posted in other thread:

(Wyze Video Doorbell (V1) has a little delay, I believe (but not sure) to be due to the older video format).


This is a great workaround!
Wyze should really add direct support ASAP though. Google does officially support Video Doorbell button presses as a starter/trigger now. Wyze just has to add it.


Adding a different issue to this thread. I just installed the new V2, and I installed the doorbell first, then the chime controller on my old mechanical chime. Once added to my Wyze app, the doorbell itself works fine - both the camera and the internal chime. HOWEVER, the chime controller is NOT actuating my old mechanical chime. Is there a step I missed? Should I have installed the chime controller first? Any help is appreciated…

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How did you wire it without the chime? I removed the chime from my house a few years ago, the only thing I kept was the stepdown transformer and the wiring. I had been using the v1 doorbell, I dont need an active chime, but the instructions tell me I need to install the chime controller, but there is no chime to connect it to.

My old chime was two wires, one black and one white. Really want this to work, I loved the v1 but hated it didnt have recording on the device. TIA… :beers:

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Something like this is one of the easiest ways to do it:

You can drill your own hole for a doorbell and wire it directly between the doorbell and any AC outlet, or wire it up to the place where the chime used to be and the original doorbell wires are exposed to in the wall, connecting to the wires that go out to the original Doorbell location (obviously make sure you know what you’re doing, turn off the power, disconnect wires from the original transformer, etc).

So many options.

Some people also just use a USB cord, because there is actually a USB port on the back of all of the Wyze VDB’s, including this one. But just as a word of warning, if you use the USB port, you void the warranty because it compromises the IPxx water resistance rating.

It’s also possible to do more complicated stuff involving big solar panels and a passthrough charging battery, but I wouldn’t suggest that for most people, especially for the cost.

For my garage, I just made my own chime. I just went and bought this cheap mechanical chime:

Then another one of those transformer plugs as posted above.

Then I just ran some siring to the side of the garage door, and wrapped it all the way back to where I mounted the chime. Then connected the wires to the chime and the transformer plug’s wires to the chime and poof! Now it all works with a mechanical chime, easily just installed by myself. Pretty simple, really.

I could’ve done that for both VDBv2’s, and maybe I will add a second mechanical chime later, but for now, having one without a chime is fine since I can make Alexa chime throughout my whole house and ring my phone through a VOIP call anyway…so I didn’t bother paying the extra $17 for a second chime yet. Who knows if I’ll change my mind later. I don’t really need a mechanical chime for these IMO since they work with Alexa, it’s just a nice bonus to ensure it rings if internet goes out or Alexa is having an AWS outage. :wink:

I already have a transformer and I dont need the chime, I ran my v1 through Alexa exclusively after a while. So really I just need to know how to hook it up without the chime. Do I connect the chime controller white to white and black to black? Do I leave the controller out?

Oh, in that case, after you turn off the power to the transformer, you should be able to just connect the transformer wires to the doorbell wires directly. After that, the doorbell wires will have constant scaled-down power from the transformer for the Video doorbell to stay powered 24/7. Should be really simple. Just make sure to cover the metal wires connecting the Transformer and Doorbell wires with something like a wire cap, or electrical tape or sufficient self-fusing silicone tape or whatever.
Once you flip the breaker back on to restore power, everything should be good to go.

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Yeah, I just took a chance with it and connected it, I was a little worried about this statement in the FAQ for the camera, but figured it was still in warranty with Amazon so what could it hurt… :joy:


Since they are recommending using the chime controller even if the chime is broken, I am guessing the controller has something like a fuse in it, so that if a power surge happens, it will protect your VDB v2 hardware.

I don’t know that for sure, but I can’t see any other reason why they would suggest using it even if your chime doesn’t work. Maybe I’ll go ask in the AMA for tomorrow.

Edit: I posted a question about it for the AMA:



Same problem. Reason why I’m here.

My mechanical chime does not work with the Wyze Chime Controller either, so I left the default wiring on my mechanical chime and directly connected the two existing wires outside my door to the Wyze Doorbell V2 and set the app chime to mechanical. And it works! I see that my wiring is connected to a transformer. Maybe the controller is not getting enough power to send signal to the mechanical chime, so that is why it does not work?

I just installed my Video Doorbell V2 to upgrade my V1 and I’m appalled to find out it doesn’t support my existing digital chime…

I don’t know what I’m going to do yet…
I’m just completely dumbfounded that Wyze would make such a stupid decision…


I read the alternate instructions and it sounds like a 16V/10A transformer is NOT powerful enough BUT they do NOT suggest a recommended voltage. Maybe 24V?

I’m searching the forums for an answer to that because the Wyze chat is a piece of “voice tree” hell. You have to tell the AI NO NO NO NO to get to a LIVE person that MIGHT be able to answer that question. A WASTE of my time.

Me too. How stupid is that? The Chime is ALREADY wired so all you would have to do is replace the camera portion. DUMB

3 Output Options: 8 vac/10 VA, 16 vac/10 VA or 24 vac/20

Look you can order a switchable transformer. Only $2 more than a 16/10.

I’m going to say “Do more research.”

When I went to Amazon to look for a transformer it looked like other brands of doorbells needed higher VA so I’m guessing (I know very little about electricity) that you need a 16vac/30VA. That is a GUESS. It would be nice if Wyze just put something out there telling us the answer.