Bought the new Wyze Video Doorbell v2 - Just to find out it doesn't work with v1 Chime

I have the Doorbell v1 - hard wired with the remote chime and was thinking about upgrading to the v2. After reading this thread - my head hurts. I will stick with v1.

V2 does have much better image quality and MicroSD storage. But for now, you are making the right choice.

What is Wyze doing about this? Is this what they want? for loyal customers to just decide to skip or move away from their products?

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Please release wireless Wyze chime! For doorbell v2.
Thank you!

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Gotta be honest this make no sense. How can the older model and the new wireless models have a chime but the hardwired v2 model does not? This is mindblowing.

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It’s the same stupidity that made the Wyze Bolt Lock not (optionally) support the Lock Gateway, so you can’t control it at all except from 10 feet away with Bluetooth. No Google Home or Alexa support on the newest version…

It’s the same stupidity that doesn’t let you buy a replacement Lock Gateway when it fails and they expect you to buy an entire Wyze Lock just to get a working Gateway that a firmware upgrade bricked.

This is how I get pushed out of the Wyze family.

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I too was surprised when I opened the vdb v2 box and found a chime controller instead of a chime. I reinstalled my old mechanical chime I had removed to install the vdb v1. None of the chime diagrams matched my old Nutone chime which has a common terminal. My issue is the chime rings when you press the button but it won’t stop ringing unless you disconnect the front switch wire. The nutone chime has a synchronous motor that drives 4 or 8 tones, somehow the chime controller is locking it on. Don’t know but I guess it’s not compatible with vdb v2, sigh

How about Wyze just makes V2 compatible with the existing V1 chime accessory? That way people like me who already purchased 3 chimes don’t have to buy 3 more.


No real feedback from anyone at Wyze. It would be nice for the brand to post a response so we are aware if there is a chance that V2 might support v1 chimes and thus people can make future decisions on their product.

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I am in the same boat. With the caveat that I cannot go back to my V1 as it became disconnected from my account and then refused to reconnect (rejected QR code). So I bought a V2 and now I have a paperclip in the form of a Wyze Chime V1.

The original chime is not an option (cannot be heard in most of the house).

I for now am using the call to phone and Alexa devices but:

  1. the call to phone can be quite disruptive and I have not yet found an easy way to quickly put myself on DND just for that; also I now have an additional step of choosing how my calls are placed (which service, my operator or wyze) when placing outbound calls - definitely not smooth or expected
  2. Alexa devices do other things (such as playing music) and it’s unpleasant to have that interrupted; a chime is less disruptive in that regard

Really hope the Chime V1 can be supported soon.

It is very frustrating to note that V1 Chime won’t work with V2. Doesn’t make any sense to take good features away when new versions are introduced. V2 is now less useful for me than V1…so bad Wyze.

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