Wyze Video Doorbell v2 - Released 10/24/2023

I asked an employee. I personally do not believe it does at this time…but the FAQs imply that it does do the chiming on Google speakers. If I get a response on this, I will try to let you know.

I do have confirmation that it definitely does do chiming on Alexa Echo devices. I am just not confident that the Google ones do it at this time, but I can’t 100% say so with certainty yet. Hopefully I’ll get an employee to absolutely check and clarify this.

Is this anti theft? What is stopping someone from just lifting it off the clip and pulling it off? Is there a free replacement? Is there a security screw somewhere? Or a mount that is anti theft? The features are cool as long as it doesn’t get just taken. Even if you have video footage that doesn’t replace your camera.

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Very interested in this.

  1. SD Card
    Is there a way to protect the card? It’s very strange it’s not installed in the back.

  2. 30º Angle
    Does this accessory cover the SD port?
    Does it have an anti-theft ability?

  3. Local NAS
    Will this work with a NAS like a Synology server if one does not store on the SD card?

  4. 128 vs 256 Hours of recording - 24/7?
    H.264 @ 2K - 20FPS Day/15FPS Night - Mbps not listed.
    Since it’s being bundled with a 128GB and marketed as 24/7 can we assume 128GB will record 24/7 continuously before recording over itself? can we select Compression rate?
    Knowing how many hours it can record continuously is a helpful gage. even if we only record events.

bad design, looks as copy of ring.
only lens should be visible outside, should seamlessly replace peephole, elements should not be able tell difference

Can we trade in our v1 doorbell?


Just to update everyone here, there is a way to have the video doorbell automatically show up (and alert aka “chime”) on Alexa echo devices and on Google display devices.

Also, I am happy to report that Cam plus is NOT needed. :blush:

After a ton of research and toying around, I found what I believe to be the simplest solutions to both ecosystems. I am happy to share my results.

Amazon echo show:

  • Make sure Wyze is linked to your Amazon Alexa in app.
  • Tap the plus button (top right)
  • Create a “routine”
  • Select “add event” under “when”
  • Select “smart home”
  • Select your doorbell
  • Select doorbell event and select “when pressed”
  • Go back to the routine you are making
  • Select “Alexa will”
  • Select “custom”
  • Then type “show me the doorbell” (or whatever name you gave you doorbell)
  • Save and you’re done
    (You can also add other options if you want the doorbell button to trigger more: like a voice announcement)

Google home display:
This one takes a little more setup (a workaround) but is just as responsive.

1. Google Display Step 1: Inexpensive Product Needed for Setup:
(it’s unfortunate that for Google Displays we need to do the extra steps 1 and 2, I believe it to be something about how Google Home doesn’t allow (yet?) the doorbell button to be a direct “trigger”. My understanding is that this feature is being added though, so if in the future it is added, the instructions can skip steps 1 and 2)

  • Buy a Wyze plug you can use as a dummy plug (since, as you see below, it will turn on/off intermittently, not a good idea to plug something INTO this plug – unless maybe something you want to turn on every time the doorbell rings). Plug Wyze plug somewhere discreet.
  • Make sure Wyze is linked (“works with”) Google home

2. Google Display Step 2: Wyze App Instructions:

  • turn off the plug
  • create a “Rule” that will (“do”) “turn on” the dummy Wyze plug “for 1 minute” every time (“if”) the “doorbell is pressed” . (It needs to be for a time or else the rule won’t reset for the next press)

3. Google Display Step 3: Google Home App Instructions:

  • create an “Automation” (bottom of screen on app)
  • add “starter”
  • “when a device does something”
  • select your Wyze plug
  • select when the Wyze plug “turns on”
  • back in the automation setup “add action”
  • Click “try adding your own”
  • type “show me the doorbell” (or whatever name you gave your doorbell)
  • Save and you’re done
    (You can also add other options if you want the doorbell button to trigger more: like a voice announcement)

I have both a Google display and an Amazon Echo display in my house, and I have confirmed that both of them work as described above, and I have confirmed that both of them promptly show video of the doorbell within seconds (or less) of the doorbell being pressed (and promptly give the other notifications/chimes/alerts if programed therein). I also do not see a noticeable delay between Google and Alexa (even though Google has the workaround step).

I also confirmed that this works with the various versions of the Video Doorbell (but the V1 has a longer delay, I believe it to be due to the older video format – but am not sure)


Brilliant work on the Google workaround @Thesilente !!! I am going to bookmark this to share with other people :clap:

It would be nice if Wyze added a direct way to do this in Google without needing a workaround, including buying an extra dedicated plug to be able to do it, but at least it is possible to do right now. Google does now support VDB button press as a trigger (starter), so they should absolutely add this.


Agreed, Was not a fan of having to use a workaround but at least the Wyze plug is pretty dang cheap (and many are available for even cheaper on the 2ndary market).

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Yes! I just barely bought a bunch of the 2021 Wyze Plugs at The Home Depot for $2.50 each. They’ve been on clearance at lots of Home Depots for super cheap ($5 for a 2 pack). So if anyone needs some, consider checking in-store at Home Depot. Note: They weren’t listed in their online inventory, so there is no way to look it up before you go, which sucks…online they said full price for me, but in store they were on clearance basically nationwide if there are some still in stock…that sale has been ongoing for a little while.

I was under the impression Google and wyze already worked like this and that is why wyze had bundled with Google.

Does this have faster motion detection like the newer cameras? I had to switch to a different doorbell because the Video Pro would take > 5 seconds to recognize motion and sometimes would miss (obvious) motion entirely.

The chances that some “criminal” is going to come up to porch and steal an SD card out of a doorbell is probably like 0.0001, come on. They will see the camera is on them and not try to steal anything at all, i.e. packages, rocking chairs etc

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I was hoping I wasn’t going to have to do this with the v2 doorbell. I already use this technique for Hubitat and Google home control to turn on and off the light on the Wyze Floodlight. I use the Wyze outdoor plug which gives you two dummy triggers for $10. Will try to find that deal at my local Home Depot. Can’t beat $2.50 per trigger! Thanks.

Regardless of how secure the doorbell is mounted to its base or how hidden the SD Card is, these will only secure them from the honest people. The dishonest ones will rip the whole unit off the wall, screws and all, and leave you with a mangled mess left over.

There’s no excuse for bad design, regardless of your feelings about the chances. It’s still bad design to expose a key security feature like that. Ridiculous.

I would certainly prefer the SD card be in the back of the doorbell, however, if someone is going to “steal” something, I can’t see them bothering to steal the SD card when they should be able to just pop the whole doorbell off the mount and run.

If theft is the big concern, I would recommend buying a 3rd party anti-theft mount for video doorbells. Some of those will also cover the sides of the devices too, so for those concerned about easy theft of their doobell or mSD card, an anti-theft mount should protect both.

It’s too new to know for sure which ones are best for this new device, but people will start posting about them soon like they always do for new VDB’s.


The SD card is accessible from the outside!
Really. What were they thinking?

One can pop it out without any tools and without damaging the device.

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Will this v2 doorbell work on wifi networks that are not password protected? That is what I need. I have two Wyze Cam Pro V3 cameras I am not able to use right now because they will not work or connect to a Wifi Network without a password (no WAP, WAP2, WAP3, WEP etc., an open network that anyone can connect to).

I am waiting for Wyze to update firmware of Wyze Cam Pro V3 batteries to work on open wifi networks still, my other Wyze cameras work fine on open wifi

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Lots of great discussion and thanks to everyone for sharing; but … has anyone installed one of these V2’s to replace an existing dumb doorbell? If so, what’s been your experience?