Doorbell V2 camera chime not working "Operation failed"

So I setup a PanCam V3 to pair as a chime with my V2 Doorbell. It worked for one day, then nothing, although the camera still showed as connected as a chime in the app. A doorbell press does activate a notification on my phone, so the “signal” seems to be sent

So I set up a second camera, a brand-new OG. But it although it is seen and presented as an option to connect, selecting it produces the (unhelpful) message “Operation failed - please try again later”

So, thinking perhaps I was limited to one camera chime, I deselected the first (PanCam) and added just the OG - same result, except now I can’t add either camera back - just the same unhelpful message (Operation failed)

So - worked one day, nothing changed on my end, now won’t work at all. Back-end system issue? Firmware has been updated and all devices and app restarted

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I’m having the same issue. Were you able to fix it?

Nope. I suspect it’s a back-end server issue as it worked briefly and then stopped with me having changed nothing on my end. I did go to Support and sent logs but then it went quiet. The initial Support response was the usual boilerplate, telling me to try stuff I had already done

I wonder if anyone is successfully using one of the newer cameras as a chime with a Doorbell V2? I do wish error messages could be more specific. “Operation failed. Please try again later” is not helpful

Yes, but I have not been successful in turning it off:

Thanks - seems there are some bugs in the software. I’ve learned with Wyze not to get too worked up trying to make stuff work - 90% of the time there’s absolutely nothing the user can do to fix whatever is broken

Yeah, and even when stuff does work as expected, my experience is that it’s not quite as polished as I’d like it to be…almost like they got ~90% there and then said, “Eh…good enough to release to production.” :man_shrugging:

This is already on my list of things to add to the next fix-it-friday topic, whenever that’s posted today.

This particular issue is also why I added a Wishlist request, even though I don’t know if what I’m asking for is technically feasible.

I agree! We gave up on trying to make the camera to work as a Chime. We ended up returning the Doorbell V2 and exchanging it for the Doorbell Pro (we decided to wire it instead of just relying on the battery power). For now it seems to be working okay, although I wish it could use a micro SD for recording.

I didn’t realize that’s not an option on the Video Doorbell Pro. I’m not sure I understand the reasoning given in the Support article:

Why no local storage?

Your doorbell is always within arms-reach and easy to access. Although it can be screw-mounted at your entry, if a bad actor were to forcefully remove your doorbell, they would also have your microSD card (and your recorded videos, too).

Seems like a bad actor could just as easily rip a Video Doorbell v2 away, as well, or just steal the microSD card from the side.

Local storage and the ability to continue to use the home’s built-in doorbell chime were two major selling points for me.

I’m having the same issue.