Add a Simulated Doorbell Button Press to App

It would be cool to have the ability to simulate doorbell button press in the app to help with setup, testing, and troubleshooting.

The app should have a virtual doorbell button somewhere within the settings for a given doorbell. Tapping this in the app would trigger the doorbell hardware to behave as if the physical doorbell button was actually pressed.

My Wyze doorbell experience so far is only with the Video Doorbell v2, and with that one I can actually hear my home’s mechanical doorbell if I press the physical button, but for models like the original Video Doorbell (Wired) and Video Doorbell Pro, which have separate chimes that can be placed remotely, such a feature could help a user to ensure that chimes are actually working as intended. Even with the Video Doorbell v2, this has potential usefulness now that Cam Pan v3 and Cam OG can be used as additional (and potentially quite remote) chimes: