Doorbell V2 - Chime Issues (Not Working / Ringing w/ WYZE OG’s, iPhone ios & Alexa)

Doorbell V2 - Chime Issues (w/ WYZE OG’s, iPhone Users & Alexa):

•WYZE OG’s have stopped working / ringing as a chime for Doorbell V2…. Yet Pan Cam V3 is fine.

• iPhone users are not able to successfully add new cameras (PAN V3 or OG) as chimes in the Doorbell v2. This was working previously but has since stopped.
Those with alternative access to an Android device can get this to work, however, even after getting the camera added to the list, the OG’s still do not ring (*see above).
For people who don’t have access to an android device to do the workaround, they’re stuck with getting either: Operation Failed or Cam added successfully but it’s not added.

• Doorbell v2 is not working with either the skills or routines in Alexa to act as a chime.
It just stops working. If you delete everything and reenable, etc. it successfully works again for a short time, but just stops working again even though nothing has changed.

This is frustrating to read, even though I don’t currently use iOS or have any of my Echo devices linked to Wyze. If a fix-it-friday topic is created for July, then I’ll plan to submit this as an issue for consideration (and include the special trouble iOS users are having) unless someone else gets there first.

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Thank you. I emailed a @WyzeJasonJ and he was nice enough to respond on 7/1 and said it was something the engineers were working on. However, nothing yet. Hopefully something fixes it soon. I was able to recently get someone with an android device to let my try the workaround on theirs, while it did allow me to successfully add the OG cameras as a chime, they unfortunately still do NOT chime. My pan3 does without issue. So I feel it’s still an issue with the OG’s.
There’s also still the issue of the Doorbell not communicating with Alexa devices to chime. You drive yourself crazy resetting everything and get all excited that it works, just to have it fail again for whatever earthly reason a day or two later. SOOOO FRUSTRATING!

I can’t speak to the Alexa issue, as I haven’t tried linking any of my Echo devices to Wyze, but it seems weird to me that my experience with using a Cam OG as a chime is so different from yours. In my case, I seem to be able to enable and disable this feature at will for a Cam OG whenever I want to use it as a chime, but I can’t turn it off at all for at least one of my Cam Pan v3s, even though the app reports that it’s been turned off.

I have no explanation for this.

I’m glad you were able to get an update from Jason and share that here. I hope the engineers can figure this mess out in a way that allows them to successfully extend the feature to Cam v3 users and perhaps others in the future.