Allow Alexa notification service when doorbell is rung

I have a larger house where using only one Wyze chime will not reach the all needed rooms and without allowing the existing chime to be used, I need to program a connection between the doorbell and Alexa to simply make an announcement “person rang the doorbell” or something like that.

You can do this right now. There are a few different ways. All require that you have the Wyze Skill linked in the Alexa app.

Simple Method:

  • Open the Alexa app and go find the video doorbell device in the Alexa app and open settings (click the gear icon). Then you can toggle on the “Doorbell Press Notifications” and change what you want the sound to be. Really simple.

Here is a more complicated way to do it, but which will allow you to do more things like tell Alexa to make a custom announcement or play a certain song, or flash lights, etc:

  • Open the Alexa App
  • Go to More
  • Select Routines
  • Select the plus sign in the top right
  • Select “When this happens”
  • Select “Smart Home”
  • Find and select your doorbell.
  • Select “Doorbell (when door bell even occurs)” or “When Video Doorbell is pressed” and select Save
  • Select Add action
  • Now choose what you want to happen when someone presses the doorbell button.
    • Maybe select “Sounds” then “Bells and buzzers” and choose a sound you want it to make
    • I personally chose “Send Announcement” and you can then have it say your custom announcement of “Person Rang the Doorbell”
    • You can choose any of the other available actions too, even combine a bunch of things together.

Do these Alexa Rules require that you have the Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite subscription on your wyze video doorbell device at Wyze?

Not for the doorbell press trigger.

Person detection triggers usually require that a camera have cam plus or Cam Plus Lite only because the cloud AI is needed to detect a person in the first place. All other Wyze Alexa triggers and routines are included because the devices support those options by default, including the doorbell press trigger.