Can I use Wyze Digital Chime with Wyze video doorbell v2?

I upgraded from Wyze video doorbell v1 to Wyze video doorbell v2. When I finally got the v2 doorbell to work with my house mechanical doorbell chime, the results were very poor. The chime controller reduced the voltage (I think) causing the chime to be very quite and to only chime once instead of a double chime that is normal with the front door.

As a result, I un-installed the Wyze video doorbell v2 and re-install the original Wyze video doorbell. This doorbell disables the house chime but includes a digital chime that plugs into a wall outlet. This chime works great and is very loud. However, I would still like to use the v2 doorbell as it has several features that the original doesn’t have.

Can I use the v1 chime that shipped with the doorbell on the v2 doorbell? Or is there another Wyze doorbell chime I can get that will work with the v2 doorbell?

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You need a stronger transformer to run the Doorbell, Chime Controller, and Chime.

No. The V1 Chime only works with the V1.

No. There is no remote wireless chime that will work with the V2.

There are ways to get the doorbell to use Google and Alexa Smart Speakers as chimes, but it currently requires another Wyze device for an Automation Trigger.

BEWARE – Wyze marketing for the Wyze Doorbell v2 is a disaster. The FAQ says “Wyze Video Doorbell v2 is a true UPGRADE from our original wired doorbell, delivering some of our most requested features in a new, shiny black package.” Unfortunately, it is NOT an upgrade because it does not work with the Wyze Chime. I bought the v2 for a paraplegic friend when his current Wyze doorbell failed multiple times to take a firmware upgrade. I figured that instead of a bunch of troubleshooting, I would just UPGRADE to v2. He does not have an existing old school, 16V chime on his house and now that the v1 Chime is not compatible, he has no way to tell if someone is at the door!!! I finally dug all the way through the FAQ to find at the very bottom that the Chime is not compatible with the Doorbell v2 – what???

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