Video Doorbell v2 - without existing chime?

When I bought my Wyze Video Doorbell v1, I removed my doorbell chime from the wall in the hallway, I never liked the look of it and with the v1 it had a remote chime, so I got rid of it. Now I have the v2 doorbell and I am not sure how to hook it up, all of the instructions call for the existing chime to be in place.

Does anyone have any suggestions here? I have two wires, one black and one white (neutral and hot I assume) that run through a low voltage transformer inside the wall. The instructions say I should use the chime controller, but I am not sure if I should run black to black and white to white through the controller or not.

If you aren’t using the Chime Controller, wouldn’t you just leave that in the box and hook the wires that were on the V1 up to the V2 in the same way?

You would think so, but the FAQ says…

which worries me, does the chime controller do other things?

I don’t know. I was going to buy one to replace my V1 but have held off until all the questions get answered. I also don’t want it in black. That statement doesn’t make much sense though. If it isn’t going to work well without the Chime Controller, how is anyone without a chime going to use one.

Since you already have it though, it won’t hurt to test.

It worked, no issues so far. Set up and have it running through Alexa for chime and person detection notifications, so fingers crossed no long term issues. :crossed_fingers:


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Can you pair the doorbell v1 plug in chime with the doorbell v2?

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No. The VDBv1 Remote Doorbell Chimes only work with the VDBv1. Same goes for the Pro Chime that comes with the VDB Pro. The VDBv2 has no remote chime. It comes with a Chime Controller that is installed into a preexisting chime.

Thanks for the reply. This will deter me from replacing my doorbell v1 with a doorbell v2, as my house was not built with a chime. Unless somehow a Google Home can be used as a chime.

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You might want to read thru this topic before you decide…:thinking:

Has anyone tried connecting the DBV2 to a wall plug transformer? My house doesn’t have an existing doorbell chime or wiring. I currently have a Nest doorbell powered by a wall plug transformer that chimes through my Google speakers.

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