Doorbell V2 - such promise yet disappointment abounds

I was so looking forward to this doorbell but loosing access to chimes is such a deal killer. I never should have tossed the V1. I gotta buy it again.

It’s fabulous aside from that, but without chime support it’s useless. I don’t care how many features you put on a car, if it doesn’t do the basics, like drive, I don’t want it

What a dud.

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I believe the VDBv2 was mainly designed for people who want to use it with a house’s main Mechanical or wired digital chime. For that use-case it is a pretty awesome device. I have one that uses a mechanical chime. I also have another that isn’t connected to a mechanical chime, but it still rings my Alexa and Google speakers throughout my house and it calls my phone and my wife’s phone at the same time. So this thing is still able to have chimes throughout the entire house and hit up my cell phone no matter where I am.

Still, I do agree that it would be good for Wyze to have an easy add-on chime device directly from Wyze that can be placed anywhere and sound off anywhere. If they add something like that, then the VDBv2 would be a good useful option for everyone, including those who don’t have mechanical chimes or Google/Alexa.

The V1 comes with a chime you can plug into the wall. You do have make an easy wire change on your existing doorbell chime. They ( V1 and V2) both are pretty inexpensive
and you can take them back if you buy at Home Depot. If you use the home depot charge card, you have year for returns.

For sure. I just wish I’d understood that the V2 wasn’t compatible with the chimes. From an engineering perspective, it’s most likely just an API call so I can’t fathom why they took the feature away. V2 usually means an upgrade, not a downgrade.

Yes, with a name like v2 it’s presented as an upgrade to v1…but it’s a big downgrade if you were using the Wyze chime. Nowhere is this mentioned in the marketing. I had to come here to find out the old chime is not supported and then that there won’t be a v2 chime.