V1 & V2 Doorbell Cams, in A June Wedding?

I have a V1 Video door bell cam, still in the box.
I see the Vid doorbell V2 is now on sale.

Can I combine the two, to a single a single chime ?

Say’s the man with far too many new cams, sitting in boxes ! :open_mouth::thinking::face_with_monocle::cry:

Yes and no… The VDBv1 comes with a wireless portable chime, but the V2 can’t use it.
The V2 can use a traditional mechanical or digital chime, but the V1 can’t use those to chime, and in fact it requires bypassing the chime to maintain power (or you can use a plug adapter as a transformer instead).

BUT, both of them are capable of using Alexa speakers as chimes, and there is a workaround to have them use Google Speakers. So, if you use smart speakers as chimes, then both of them can work together using the same chimes. They’ll also both notify you or call your phone with a VoiP call.

For reference, I have a v1, a v2, and a couple of Pro models all working using the same smart speakers as well as their individual chimes.

I don’t know which camera models you have in boxes or installed, but the Video Doorbell v2 can also use some cameras as accessory chimes. As far as I know, that feature is currently available only for Cam OG and Cam Pan v3, but Wyze says there are plans to extend that feature to other cameras.

I’m not aware of any plans to develop this function for the original Video Doorbell (v1) as a setting within the doorbell itself, but I imagine it would be possible with a Rule of Device & Service Trigger type. I would’ve suggested that this might be possible with Rules, but I’m not currently seeing “Ring” as an available Action for either the OG or Cam Pan v3, and I don’t know when that was removed. (I also don’t know if “Is pressed” is available as a Trigger for the original Video Doorbell—as it is with the Video Doorbell v2—but I would expect that to be the case.)

Wow !
Thx !

No additional items, to get, right ?
Transformer included in V2 ?

I have almost just as many Alexa devices as Wyze. (8 vs 12+). Some still in da box.

Guess it will be the summer, of the install !

Thx !

Btw - which DBC do u prefer, the V1 or V2 ?

Thx, Good to know !

I have 2 OG’s V1.
I have pan cams (V2 ✓ & or V3?).
I’d have to check the boxes.

I have a Wyze addiction, except for outdoor non cam with flood lights, sprinkler, robo car and ext. Plug franchises.

Thx for the info. !

I’m not quite sure what you’re asking with that one. If I understand where you might be going, then I think the answer depends upon what you’re trying to accomplish.

No. The transformer most likely would be something already installed in your home (assuming your house has an existing working typical doorbell) or, as @carverofchoice indicated, it’s possible to use a “wall wart”-type transformer that plugs into an outlet as the power source for a doorbell camera. (Without searching right now, I have a recollection of reading about other users doing this here in the Forum with Video Doorbell Pros, along with links to examples of transformers they’ve used. You can use the Forum’s search feature if something like this interests you.)

I think it’s a good idea to have at least a basic understanding of your current power situation if you’re thinking about installing a wired video doorbell in a house that’s already got a working regular doorbell and transformer, just so you can have some assurance that you’re meeting the new doorbell’s power requirements before you get too deep into the installation process. I just used an inexpensive multimeter to test at my old doorbell button’s terminals before starting. Knowing that might save you some hassles later on if you run into problems and have to troubleshoot.

That seems like a @carverofchoice question, because I have only the v2, and that one interested me because

  • it’s wired where the original doorbell button was,
  • it allows me to use the traditional mechanical chime that was already installed in the home, and
  • it allows me to save video recordings locally to microSD.

Those last two were the things that got me to make the switch from a traditional doorbell…those plus Wyze’s price and my positive experiences with other Wyze products.

If you do decide to try a v2, then please be aware of a current issue with notifications from that model. This is still being discussed in more than one topic here in the Forum, so should be easy to find if you’re interested. Multiple users are reporting that notifications broke two firmware updates ago and that the most recent update which was supposed to fix that didn’t actually accomplish this. Because of this issue, I’m still a couple of firmware versions behind with my Video Doorbell v2, but I’m really itching for Wyze to push a definitive fix because I want to try out the Wide Dynamic Range feature.

You’re welcome!


I think @Crease did an excellent job covering everything I would have said.

As for preference, it kind of depends. I like the VDBPro because it has the best field of view and I can use it with or without power cords. But I like the V2 for having the best resolution and quality picture and it looks the coolest IMO.

The v1 is still useful but I like the other 2 a little more.

I have 2 connected up through mechanical chimes that have a transformer connected to the chime. Then I have a couple connected to a plug-in transformer ac adapter that just plugs into any AC outlet.


Thanks, man!

Yeah, even if you fabricate a dope cover/mount for it! :wink: