Why does doorbell chime no long work now

This is ridiculous.
Probably after a firmware update.
The doorbell v2 no longer chimes the mechanical one. I reset. I redid setup. I even got another chime controller to see if it was a failed controller.

What is wrong with this company.

Also. Why would you do some crazy wiring method for a damn chime.
Just use the capacitor to power the device and short the mechanical chime like a regular button press.
Who is the genius that came up with this controller.
Did you get a promotion???

No response from devs? What am I suppose to do.

both of my chimes work, my only complaint is the delay to actually talk to the person who rings the bell is too slow

Just replaced mt V1 doorbell can win the V2. Hooked up chime adapter and didn’t work. After some thinking, I decided to try swapping wires on my transformer that I installed a few years ago to see if I had wired it backwards. Swapped the two wires and bang. Mechanical chime works fine. That was my solution. Hope this helps as most people had to upgrade their transformers to do smart doorbells in the past few years.

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If you haven’t already done so, then my suggestion for next steps would be to submit a log and then follow that up by opening a ticket with Wyze Support:


:star: The app will advise you to open a ticket at the end of the log submission process, and Wyze’s backend system will also e-mail you and prompt you to do the same thing after submitting a log. I recently learned that logs submitted to Wyze via the app tend to go into a :hole: unless they’re explicitly connected to something like a Support ticket or message from a Community Moderator or Volunteer, so it seems like this multi-step process is currently the way to bring a log to the attention of engineers. Including the Log ID in your ticket submission, along with the approximate date and time of the event (or non-event) that you’re trying to bring to the engineers’ attention, may also be helpful in getting them to connect the dots and understand your issue.