Friendly faces now on doorbell?

Did I miss an announcement or something? Today when I opened the account page in my app I now have the Friendly Faces option. So, I turned it on on my doorbell, and it let me! without trying to upsell me on cam protect (which I don’t need) and only my Cam Plus license. My other cameras however still try to upsell me, but this is huge if it’s now a Cam Plus option on my doorbell, even though it doesn’t seem to actually work?


I must have been seeing the pre-rollout stuff then. I couldn’t find it anywhere a few days ago. This is AWESOME!


Can someone explain to me is it doorbell supposed to recognize the people that you have populated and say their name or what’s it supposed to do with the friendly faces so far it hasn’t done anything so put people in the friendly face group.

You can get a notification on your phone when it recognizes someone’s face. And it will let you sort events by a face, but that’s it for now. They said they want to add more in 2024.