What’s the benefits of friendly faces?

Can someone tell me the benefit of friendly faces? So far all I’ve found is that I can filter events by person and perhaps it will announce specific person in notifications. Is that it?

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You are correct about the current limitations.

I asked about this in the most recent AMA and got a response from one of the founders:

Incidentally, they also told us that they planned to eventually add this to Cam Protect to be able to have people disarm their Cam Protect Security system using just their recognized face.

I don’t know what else they are going to do with it, but they did just tell us that they are going to eventually look at enabling other functions including rules and automations.


Thanks for the info! Seems to me like this should be a free feature while they’re working on it or just kept at beta then until they can get it to be useful. As of now, the current functionality doesn’t seem to be worth the cost.

I agree 100%. It should be free (it could be available as an opt in) while they develop. It would also serve as a broader testing base (how many people have CP Unlimited vs regular CP). Also, it’s touted as a selling point for unlimited, but it doesn’t serve any purpose nor does it even really work at all. I wanted it so I could (hopefully) not be notified every time my wife/kids go outside. It doesn’t even recognize them that I can tell. Even with perfectly placed images.

You can get “Face Recognition” notifications IF you turn off Person Detection.

Yes, this is stupid and annoying and we are working on fixing that.


Yeah we recognize it has some pitfalls, but I’ve been using it on Doorbell v2 for a couple of weeks and it works flawlessly for me. That being said I’ve probably added over 50+ faces to my name in the system haha. It’s a pain, we know. We are working on fixing it.


Here’s how I use it:

  1. Turn it all on and go about your normal day
  2. At the end of the day, go through and add all the faces to the names of the people Facial Detection “missed” or got wrong and sort through them
  3. Remove as many blurry faces as you can from the system under each face. Blurry faces actually reduce accuracy (I just learned this yesterday).


It’s not perfect yet, but I’ve found it to be significantly better than person detection, even now.


I didn’t even know this was a thing I could do. I was just adding my name to the best pic. I guess I missed the instructional about how to manage that feature? So Now that I figured out how to add and remove the wanted/unwanted pics I’ll go though and see how it goes. I suspect it will make a huge improvement.

And thanks for helping out again Matt!


@WyzeMatt OK, I’ve groomed my pics and sorted them as you suggested. Not going to lie. I wanted to chuck my phone across the room due to the quantity. You should put a whisper in someone’s ear to put a bulk select on that section!

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I feel your pain.

I did the recent friendly faces survey they sent out and was sure to emphasize the need for bulk editing of these faces. So maybe someone will listen.

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Maybe someone can tell me what am I supposed to expect from this feature. So far my notifications have not identified any of my faces (I have 4 names with at least 50 faces under each). Yet it still only either says ‘person’ or ‘someone’. But once I click into the event it has a picture of them. Is this how it is supposed to display currently?

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I recommend turning off person detection at this time to get notifications of faces. This is a known issue and we are working on it!