Friendly Faces (Facial Recognition) - Increase number of recognized faces!

I’m irked by the low limit on number of recognized faces. I use Wyze for security in my rental building. I need at least 40 faces to be recognized, and preferably more.

Also, the interface for training face recognition could be much improved.

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I really want this too. 10 is pretty low. There are currently 6 people living at my house. Other frequent visitors include my mail lady, and our kids 4 grandparents… That’s already more than 10 regular visitors. Then we have no room to add in any siblings (& their spouses or kids), friends, or any other family, kid’s friends, neighbors, or regular visitors at all. I know there probably needs to be some kind of limit… But 10 is pretty low.

Also, related to this issue, if we get new visitors and can’t add their face to a profile, we have to select and delete every event with their faces individually. That takes a lot of time. We need to be able to select a group of pending faces and just delete them all at once since there is currently no way to save those detections so they’ll just keep building up and causing us a ton of extra work to have to keep manually deleting them individually. This is one reason a limit of 10 causes us a lot of extra pointless work, because it will keep prompting us what to do about that person’s face, and we have to keep doing manual work every time they visit, and it’s a minimum of a 7 step/click process per face event (10 if you count opening the app, selecting account tab, select friendly faces area), not just a simple select and delete, it is busy work to have to keep doing. Whereas if we had more than 10, it wouldn’t keep asking us what to do about that uncategorized face forever.

I hope that helps make sense about how this wishlist improves the user experience.