Friendly Faces (Facial Recognition) - Better way to work with Facial Recognitions


The following is a bunch of faces which I need to remove as they are not family members or friends. I am posting this as I am not sure if there is an alternative way to work with faces and either assign or remove.

What I was hoping is for a way on the main screen to select multiple faces and then either delete, add them to a known face, or simply create a new name for the selected images.

Currently I have to go through these one at a time. Tap on a face, then choose edit, then choose select or Add Name (I chose Select), then toggle the checkbox, Tap Remove to delete. Then once it has been deleted it doesn’t go back to the main face screen, you have to tap on cancel then the “<” icon at the top right. Then repeat for all faces.

So my Wish is to revamp the Facial Recognition page and how you work with faces.

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I agree, the UI is ok right now but I feel like it could be much better and easier than it is now. @WyzeShawn

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This needs to be an easier process.


Select multiple images to tag to a “Friendly Face”

Current implementation requires each instance of a face to be tagged individually. Providing an option to select multiple identified faces and tag that to a name would make it easier for the user and hopefully help the image recognition work better

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