Use cases for Friendly Faces

Is there any Wyze info on the intended use cases for Friendly Faces?

Is it to be able to take different actions based on the group or a specific friendly faces vs unknown faces?

Is there a way to group the unknown faces… I was thinking of creating a face name of unknown and putting them all in unknown to cleanup the friendly faces page.

In addition, they have previously said that it should eventually be able to DISARM the alarm system when a friendly face is detected, or at least not set off the alarm for that person.

It also helps you sort events looking for a particular person or get specific notifications.

Already, I have some cameras that give face notifications, then I have an app that intercepts those notifications, and when it detects me, I have it send a webhook that triggers a specific automation customized to me alone and doesn’t happen for my wife, daughter or my brother-in-law (who is currently living with us). Wyze apparently intends to build this type of functionality within the Wyze app alone, without needing to use other apps or webhooks.

I have 2 profiles for this. 1 of them is for all my extended family. I group all extended family into 1 Face profile. I group all others (mail lady, neighbors, friends, etc) into the other face profile. So I have 8 for the most actively visiting “regulars” I care about (me, wife, my kids, my bro-in-law who lives with us, and my parents, then 1 for all other family members and 1 for everyone else who may ever come back to my house or be seen on my doorbell again at some point in the future.

Since we only get 10 slots and I have A LOT of family members (My wife is the oldest of 12 kids, my parents had 5 kids, and we have over 30 nieces/nephews)…and a lot of friends who visit us and use our pool, etc…a limit of 10 face slots is not anywhere close to enough slots for me, so this is how I decide to handle it. VIPS get their own slot and everyone else is sorted into Family and Others who are likely to return. The rest (those unlikely to return or Amazon/UPS/FedEx delivery people who are basically strangers even if they do return) just get deleted.


thanks again!! this is very helpful explanation


Anytime buddy. Happy to help.