Filtering friendly faces

Is there a way to select multiple friendly faces in event review to see all events of specific people… during a week or at night or in the morning

Is there a way to show all of a specific friendly face from all cams on all days or selected days?
ie such as all views of an event for friendly face 1

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Not at this very moment. I have asked about this in the past, and they indicated they intend to add functionality like this, so I am sure it is coming. Matt said in some public comments in the forum this year that they are going to work a lot on Friendly Faces stuff this year. So we’ll see what happens.


I agree you should be able to select multi-friendly faces to edit the group it’s getting really large. And doing one at a times of pain in the butt

FYI, some of this is now possible with the new 2.50 app that was just released this week.

I won’t include screenshot because I don’t want to show everyone my family on here. But when you open a face profile now, you can see every event in the last week with that face in it. You can select it and play it from there.

There are a few other cool updates with Friendly faces now. One thing that is interesting is that we can select who is family vs other and whether we want notifications for Family, Other or Unknown faces. :slight_smile: Other updates too.

Matt said recently in the forum that they were actively working on improving Friendly Faces, and it’s nice to see some of the progress. Hopefully even more is still on the way!

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