Cam Plus Pro friendly faces status

I’ve had Cam Plus Pro for about two weeks and I am trying to get it to recognize friendly faces. I’ve had it pointed at me using different angles/distances for a couple days.
When I ‘Arm’ campluspro, it will alert on my face and another face that the cam hasn’t seen. Is Friendly Faces working for Cam Plus Pro? The last update I could find was from October 28, 2021 that it is coming soon.

I went through the FAQ below without any change: on

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I think Friendly Faces is still something under development and in the early stages of what it can do right now. I haven’t personally noticed it do anything other than capture faces to categorize and label them in events for right now, but they do plan to have it do a bunch of other stuff like not set off the alarm if it see’s a friendly face.

In general, the face needs to cover at least 300 pixels to have a 90% confidence interval, which is roughly 6.74’ away. It can detect some faces farther away, but the farther away, the lower the confidence interval and accuracy.

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That’s my take on it, but how do we confirm it? The faq is from October so I don’t have much to go on.

This will just be another AI feature that doesn’t work as advertised. And it’s a waste of their resources. Fix the bugs in the camera software first!

Sounds about right.
I signed up for cam plus pro for a month to test it. Put the cam at different distances and angles for hours and it never recognized anyone.

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