Cam Plus Unlimited Facial Recognition

Noticed in an ad they sent me that Cam Plus Unlimited now has facial recognition. How do we access it?

  1. Get Cam Plus Unlimited
  2. Assign cameras to a Cam Plus Unlimited License
  3. Go into the camera settings, Smart detection, turn on Friendly Faces as a detection
  4. Test out walking in front of the camera with your face pointing at the camera within roughly 6 feet of the camera. Hold it still for a couple of seconds to make sure it’s not blurry for this test
  5. Go to the Account Tab, then Friendly Faces section and see if there is a new face there that needs to be labeled. Then click on it and assign a face profile.
  6. Now you can get Face notifications and sort events by those that had that face in them.
  7. Check the account tab occasionally and label new faces.

Thanks. As I was looking for answers I found this link

Which states the recognition does not retro previous recordings. That was the issue I was having (just got unlimited yesterday).


Oh yeah, it will only do it going forward :+1:

Maybe, when/if it works. Still not working on all but one camera, the one working intermittently.

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I still have problems on all my BCPros and FLPros. I know they’re working on it. Trying to be patient. :slight_smile:

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Getting Facial Recognition working consistently is my #1 priority. We have been cranking on this problem for weeks. If you have a Doorbell v2 right now, it should be working flawlessly on that. Other cameras are taking more time, but believe me… there are some fires under some butts to fix this.


I’m glad this is a priority. I have had access to it because I was part of the public beta long ago, and it’s always been pretty spotty. It’s definitely working better recently, but still pretty unreliable. With its addition to CPUL you guys probably have a ton more data to help find these issues.


You probably know…still not working.