Open Wyze app Support Chat in browser to allow task switching for troubleshooting

Many app based support windows can be opened in a browser. In fact, I believe this is default on Android. It allows the user to chat with support while still being able to switch back to the app to troubleshoot or take screenshots. Then a user doesnt have to navigate back through several menus an text inputs just to get back to the agent who requested a firmware version, only to have to got through the whole thing again just for the app version, and maybe again for a screenshot of the update error page (which won’t attach anyway).

By the way, the attachment button in Chat in the app doesn’t work on Android.
Also, the keyboard in Android covers the text input field.
Both make troubleshooting a real PITA.

If you think, this doenst belong in Wishlist, I could agree, but the support agent told me it had to go here because it is a feature request and he couldn’t report any of the above major problems with the chat support in android mentioned above.

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Or just use a PC? Or start your request in your phone browser?

Why would you suggest something other than fixing the problem, when it affects every Android user trying to get support? I could have titled the post ‘fix the darn support function in the app for 73 percent of mobile users’, but I didn’t want to be inflammatory. You should try that. Thanks

Because it doesn’t affect every Android user trying to get support. Far from it. You are describing an edge case that seems unimportant.

Chat Window

I started a chat on my iphone that has the Wyze app. The assistant requested my firmware versions for the issue that I was having, I selected the back arrow to find the requested info, which closed the chat. After the second chat requested that I do a factory reset, lost the chat again. Thirdly logged on the laptop to engage the chat without loosing the communication while troubleshooting.

Request: enable the chat window whilst leaving to troubleshoot.