Wyze chat issues

I would like to get support. When I call I get the recorded message that if I want faster service I can use the chat function. HOW!? The Wyze Chat function does NOT result in what I would term a chat, but just a bunch of options, that are circular. Now I am speaking with someone who just told me that the chat function only works when someone is on line to chat!!! What the heck???

I actually called them 3 times today trying to get an answer to a simple question: How do I use the keypad!

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Wyze has support agents in the Philippines that have been affected by Typhoon Rai. this is the 3rd most damaging storm when it comes to property damage in Filipino history…ever. so the waits are much longer than they had planned and it could be a little while before these folks are back in their homes and able to work again.

You get the AI support agent unless a live agent is available in the chat.
There is a savvy group of users in the forum that may be able to assist if you post your issue here… of course unless it is a hardware/warranty issue.

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I appreciate your responding to me. Here’s the real issue though – when I call I get a continuous loop saying if I want faster service I should use the chat option. I can appreciate the problem with people being impacted by a natural disaster. But then the company should adjust and let people know that a function is not available since 99.999% of us would not know that the support agents are located where a disaster has taken place.

Moreover, much could be avoided if simple things could be put in print on the website. When the live agents cannot explain how to use one of the products the company has not provided enough training for them. Case in point – I wanted to know how t use the keypad. I was told what the keypad did but not how to use it, and she was unable to answer that. The products seem to be pretty good. The set up is easy. BUT, how to use the products is not explained at all.

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I thought there was a banner on their support page, I dismissed it and it now longer shows for me.

Did you by chance see if any of the knowledge articles had what you were looking for in terms of use?


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No, I searched there and could not find it. Note that most of these refer to the Keypad Lock, not the Keypad that part of the home monitoring system. I still am unsure about the function of the system. If I don’t have my phone (app) with me and want to go in, it seems i should be able to open the door and disarm the system, and from what I read all I need to do is push the disarm button, without using my PIN. What kind of ‘security’ is that!?

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Yea, sorry. No mention of HMS and inferred you were referring to the Lock keypad.

Not discounting your feelings about your support experience with the below information, but trying to be helpful one user to another.

Needing a PIN for Mode Changes is a user option.
If you go into the Home Monitoring Settings>PIN &Safe Word You can toggle Use PIN for Mode Changes.

It’s been awhile since I installed my HMS system and I think it may ask this during setup but changeable.

Some more information regarding the HMS system below,
HMS Setup Guide

Section 6 and 7 cover Keypad and PIN Setup


Thank you. Greatly appreciated.


That isn’t correct…you need to enter the PIN if you trigger the alarm by opening a door when it is armed. I can’t remember the exact sequence but you need to enter the PIN followed by the # key and you need to press disarm. Can’t remember if you press disarm then enter the PIN or vice versa. The optional PIN was if you changed from Home/Away to disarmed without an alarm trigger.