Wyze Support Chat?

So I’ve been having trouble with my new Wyze Switches, I have done all of the troubleshooting known to man. I had a support ticket open with Wyze, but after multiple emails I’ve sent, they have gone radio silent for the past two days. Does anyone know how to open an online chat with them? That worked great for me last year, but every time I click on Chat With Us, it just recycles me back to the support page.

Lot of trouble with the Amazon servers Wyze uses, which is making switches inoperative ATM (except local single=press actions).

All of my bulbs are non-responsive, even though it shows some online and some offline. Their online support has gotten worse and worse. I used to be able to talk with them on the phone, then I could chat with them online. All of that has disappeared. They are offering zero support for legacy products and are pushing everyone to monthly subscription services. That’s why I invested in Wyze in the first place, so I wouldn’t have to pay a monthly subscription.

All of my Plugs are down as of just before 4:30 PM EST. Rules died, local control also lost. Trying to rebuild the setup, but no luck. Can’t pair with Plugs.

Don’t try anything until after Amazon restores the servers. Could cause you more trouble.

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Sorry, just to clarify, I’ve been fighting these since last week. This was several days before the outage. I have to admit though, it was nice for all of my other Wyze devices to come back online early this morning. I thought for sure I would have to run around the house resetting everything!