New Wyze Switches

Hey everyone, I’m literally at my wits end with a Wyze switch and I was hoping someone could help me out. Here’s what happens, I go through the setup, everything seems fine, it completes, I name the switch, and immediately the switch goes to a fast blink and shows disconnected in my app. I’ve deleted and readded it mupltiple times, it is within 5 feet of my router, and I have 30+ Wyze products in my home working without a problem. I talked with support a few weeks ago and they sent me a new set of switches, and they are doing the exact same thing. I’ve tried it in multiple switch locations, all single pole, and still the same thing. I know, I know, it’s my wifi, but honestly this time it isn’t. I’ve reset my router many times and still the same thing. I also changed the router channel to 6 per support’s recommendation from a few weeks ago, but that didn’t help. It is so frustrating because I feel like there is nothing I can do but either reset the breaker or hard reset the device by holding down the switch for 20 seconds, but still I get the same thing. On a different note, I did find that even if you reset the router when your Wyze Robot vacuum is doing its thing, it doesn’t bother it a bit, it keeps right on trucking! I also thought it might have something to do with the Alexa auto-discover, which does work, so I disabled the Wyze skill in Alexa, but still the same thing. Any ideas? I can’t believe that I’ve gotten two bad sets of switches, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @Boatdreamin,
I have this same experience with my Wyze switches. And unfortunately I do believe it has something to do with the Wireless Router. What Wireless Router are you using?

I actually have 2 W in my home, one purely for IoT and the other for all else. The Wyze switches, no matter how I configure my IoT router refuse to connect to the IoT router, however they connect and work like champs on my all else router.

My IoT router is a Spectrum Askey RAC2V1K. The Wyze switches will not stay connected to this device. I have gone through it with a fine tooth comb in terms of setup and Firmware and cannot get the switches to like it.

On my TP-Link AC5400 the Wyze Switches operate perfectly.

Still troubleshooting, but have run out of ideas on my side.

All 100+ of my other Wyze devices (and many other IoT devices) operate without issue on the RAC2V1K, it’s only the Wye switches that do not like this device.

Tagging @WyzeBaohua, who I have been providing log files and details to, as there have been a few others experiencing this issue as well and want to keep the team informed.

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Well that is the same WAP that I have, so at least I’m not nuts! I just tried it again for probably the 50th time and I thought I might have gotten lucky, the light stayed out for a few seconds, then started blinking happily away again.

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You are the person I have been looking for :smiley:
Sorry our troublesome routers have brought us together, but I have been trying to find someone that has the same router as me so I would at least have one other data point.

I have combed through the logs, watch it connect, then disassociate shortly after. It’s been driving me crazy.
I have one switch on the troublesome router to keep troubleshooting and moved all the others to the TP-Link.

Ha, well let me know what I can do to help! I’ve been chatting with support all morning, and the only thing they are offering is a replacement or a refund.

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One other thing, each time I add it, the first time it always fails because it says I typed in my WIFI password incorrectly. I know I didn’t, so I just go back, hit submit again, and sometimes it goes through.

I saw that as well with the 1.2.20 firmware. It went away with the 1.2.21 Firmware, but the connection issue remained.

I am going to dive back into the router configs and try some more this weekend.

That router is a bit aged. I suppose one route you could try is calling Spectrum and getting an updated device,
Which would also mean needed to reconnect your devices if a static SSID or changing the SSID and password to match exactly what you have today.

Yeah I tried with Spectrum today with their online chat, but as usual they ghosted me when I said I wanted an upgrade. After raising my bill as much as they have it would be the least they could do! I also spent an hour chatting with Wyze support, two different agents. I was literally begging them to send me the log that I submitted to see what it is going on, but so far they haven’t done it. Their solution, reinstall the app and try again. That is really frustrating.

Another update, had a person on FB comment they they had a similar problem until the disabled DNS over TLS in their router. Now they also said that they were having the same problem with the plugs too, but I haven’t had any problems with them. I looked through the router settings but couldn’t find anything connected with that in the settings, but I wanted to pass it on.

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Well I was all excited, I read another tip on the FB Wyze page about changing your radio channels to 11 for the 2.4GHz and 161 for the 5.0GHz, something to do with Spectrum, but alas no luck. I changed it all, added the switch and for about a second and a half the indicator light stayed off, but then started blinking. That was a very happy second and a half…

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I am combing through logs with some assistance, coming up short. But what I see is the device connects then disconnects after 7 seconds.

I have also been reading about the Spectrum Askey RAC2V1K having issues with other IoT devices, none that I own but a lot of customer complaints.

That 7 seconds sounds about right, it says it’s adding the device, my Alexa pops up with a notice that a new device was added, and by the time I click through the menu to not share it, it disassociated. I just don’t get it, I added it up, I have 21 smart plugs, 18 bulbs, 8 cameras, all WYZE, and they are running without a problem, have been for a long time. WYZE support keeps telling me that it is my network, I keep telling them to pound sand. It is just the smart switches, everything else works just fine. I have requested the log I sent them five times and they refuse to send it. I can’t help but think that if I could see what that log says it might shed some light on the issue. It just drives me nuts that it is just something in that switch that doesn’t jive.

I have tried everything I can think of from my side as related to the Spectrum AP configuration. Cycled through all channels, ACL’s with the MAC, QOS, WPA Changes, etc… Just about everything you can “manage” on the Spectrum Askey RAC2V1K, even a factory reset, and nothing seems to work.

I combed through countless logs with no red flags.

As I mentioned above the switches work perfectly on the TP-Link AC5400 router… therefore. The time has come for me to give this device back to Spectrum and kindly ask them to stop charging me for it.
I have ordered a TP-Link AX1800 to replace it. I have just had to many issues with the Spectrum Askey RAC2V1K to spend any more time on it.

Part of the reason I have an IoT/All else setup is because the Spectrum Askey RAC2V1K was acting up so I moved my non-IoT devices off of it in hopes that it would help, I do like the 2 AP setup so I will stay on that path and even though the SSID I have for that device is lame… I will have to name the new SSID the same or I will be spending a weekend redoing all of my IoT devices.