Wyze Plug V1 Not Working, Connected but non-functional [Resolved, AWS Outage]

[Resolved 12/16, 7AM… AWS outage was the culprit]

We bought 4 Wyze plugs on sale at Home Depot only to find out they are V1s. At this point they are unreturnable and we cannot get them to work either.

After lots of swearing, I can get the plugs to connect to the app. Once “connected,” the plug still blinks blue but in a * * * - pattern. The app on/off slider does not trip the relay in the plug so it is basically useless, the plug just remains in a powered state and will not turn on/off.

The app keeps telling me to update the firmware on the plugs, but has failed 100% of the time. I have tried this at least 30 times at this point and get nothing but “Oops, we’re sorry.”

This is not a wifi issue, there is a strong signal and we have another brand’s smart plug further out in the house and it works flawlessly.

Any suggestions?

Hello @cv428 and welcome to the community.

This is probably connected to the outage that is being talked about here.


I have been reading on here that there is an outage with Amazon. I will give it some time and try again. Just really frustrated, we wasted about 3 hours tonight trying to get these to work.

Update: Everything is working fine and the updates took instantly today. Looks like it was the AWS outage.

Phew. Man I was getting livid last night.

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