My Wyze Plug not working up till now after the AWS Outage

Hello Wyze,
My Wyze Plug is not responding since yesterday. I have removed the device from my App, reinstalled the App, unplugged the device, and nothing seems to work. Please what else can I do to get it working again. This is seriously frustrating!

Did you power cycle your router…and leave plugs unplugged untill the foster is power back up

I had the same issue. In my situation, I could load onto the network and appeared everything completed but would not show on the app. I did everything everyone told me and it did not work. I tested with a new account with Wyze and everything loaded fine and back to working order. It appears the system thinks it’s still there and that is why it’s not showing. Because it’s not showing, I cannot delete it and cannot find where to do this online. Hope this helps.