Wyze Pligs (1st gen) all flashing blue

My plugs (3) are not working. Flashing blue, can not connect to my network.

Seems to be related to the Amazon ws outage today. They say it’s fixed but my plugs still do not work.

Now I have to get up off the couch to turn on my Christmas tree :frowning:

I’ll wait to see what happens tomorrow.

It is not fixed yet. Never really got there all day, even though Amazon said it was fixed at one point.


As @Newshound said, it is still not fixed. My V2 Plugs show off line and still power my devices. The Alexa Routines are not working, but the Wyze Rules are.

Here are some of my devices, you can see what shows offline or not connected, yet they all work. It will take time for AWS to finalize what is going on, rerout the traffic, and then have their queues go down: