Wyze app on Android can't login


My camera stopped working. While trying to redo everything, I found that the app on my Android phone can’t seem to connect to the server.

I’ve cleared the app cache and data, uninstalled the Wyze app, reinstalled, and it still can’t seem to connect.

I’ve tried to go through the menu in the app to reset the password, but just get the spinner that never ends.

All the other apps on my phone (Google Nexus 5x) work perfectly. The app worked fine for two months before this.

I’ve run out of ideas after erasing and reinstalling the app five times now.

Any ideas?


Thanks, Steve

I had originally set my password using the Webinterface and I had used a complex password m}4^R-/6KNXtTv]b?pQD

The same thing happened to me when I first tried to use the app. I ended up changing my password to a simpler one with fewer special characters and it worked.

This could have just been a coincidence.

I realize it should not make any difference, but I was wanting to use my cameras, and I couldn’t until I was able to login from my Android phone. My new password is still randomly generated but is shorter and uses only alphanumeric.

You can try and if that works, then keep making the password more complex until it fails.



Thanks for your reply. If I could change the password to anything that would be promising. The Wyze app just isn’t working, if I try to change the password it just spins and nothing happens.


Since this does seem like a server connectivity issue, this may be best to follow up over email so that we can run some connectivity diagnostics. Go ahead and email support@wyzecam.com or follow this link to submit a support ticket!

I’ll be keeping an eye out for your email :slight_smile:

–Mariah, Tier I Tech