Unable to login to Wyze app

Had trouble with viewing playback recordings.

So I uninstall the Wyze app and reinstall on android 5.0.2.
Tried to login with email and PW, click login but nothing happens ?

Alexa integration is still accessing the cams.

Any suggestions thanks.

I resolved the issue.

Out of curiosity, what fixed it?

I usually keep logged into my Wyze app but because of the issue with viewing record videos, the new app keeps crashing …

I uninstalled and reinstalled the Wyze app in the process I found out the the new app needed 8 characters instead of my old only had 6, so now it’s working fine.

I also notice that in the Android app I tried to reset PW and got my verification code but when I enter it it did not allow me to enter my new PW. It would go back to the Email line input above the PW input with no way to complete the Login.

I resolved this by going into the Web browser app and the Verification code worked fine there.
Hope Wyze or someone can look into this, not sure if it’s only me ?

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Some thing happened to me just the other day I had to go on the web browser on my computer to reset my password