Login problems


Not sure what is going on with my Wyze account but I have been experiencing login problems since the past 2 days.

When I start the Wyze app, the screen gets stuck at the login screen. Clearing the cache, clearing the data, force closing the app or a re-installing the app does not fix the problem. Sometimes I will be able to login using my phone (Samsung Android 8) but not with my Samsung tablet (tab A, Android 9).

When I am able to login, it looks like if I get disconnected not long afterward.


No motion event gets recorded on the cloud (they do however on the sd card).

I can’t access the events section. Receive error message, no event recorded, after a while, even if there are.

I can’t access any cam settings which seem to be saved on the Wyze servers.

I have been using Wyze cams since it’s introduction and never experience such an issue before.

I am using app latest version with latest firmware (Android).

Ticket submitted. My 3 Wyze cams are currently useless.

Please let me know if you have any advise that may help.

Thank you.

When you say “latest” version, what is the app version and cam firmware version? Are you using the Beta or Public? Specific information is vital for troubleshooting issues like this.

Also, would you please post the support ticket number you received from the Wyze email. Thanks.

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Latest App version from play store v2.5.36. Firmware version, euh lets wait I can’t access that part right now (account / firmware upgrade. I know I could have got that individually from each cam. But I wanted to test from the global account settings as this is causing me failed connection also) .

Ok, connection back (sorry problem is intermittent on both my phone and tablet).

Firmware versions, on V2 cam, on V1.

Ticket no is 355630.

Restarted my phone, tablet, rooter and modem and the problem still persists.

When I get disconnected from Wyze servers like that, I receive no notification for events, events do not get recorded to the cloud, I can’t access the motion events and I can not change/access any settings which are saved to the Wyze servers (such as global settings aka account - sharing, account - firmware upgrade, etc.

edit: Using public version.

Thank you.

p.s. Within the ticket emails, I attached two screenshots from the events tab taken at the same time (wish I could have attached them here), one from my phone, one from my tablet. As you can see, the phone shows no events with the word “failed” at the bottom. Tablet screenshot shows the current events from the cloud. However, it’s missing many events between 6:39am and 11:43am (such as me walking in front of the cam). My guess is that I was disconnected from the Wyze servers at that time. However, I was actively using my internet connection and the cam were up and running as I could access the live feed and the sd card events without any problems.

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Thank you for the information! I will ask @WyzeGwendolyn to check the status on your ticket number.


It looks like if my problems might be related to my V1 cams. Still needs to be confirmed. Not sure if Wyze is still taking into account those cams before making any changes to the app or sever functionality. Wyze stopped supporting V1 cams almost as soon as they were released to the public. Was not happy about that but cams were still functioning properly. and have been until 2 days ago. I just hope now that Wyze is not breaking up the functionality and abandonning V1 cams. Will be really pissed off.

Anyway, I realized that I am not getting any motion events anymore for both of my V1 cams. I am getting them for my V2 cam but without the notifications.

Anyone still using V1 cams and still getting events motion from those cam when accessing the Events tab from the app?

I seem to have no more problem accessing the live feed and playback recording (sd card) on any of my cams (V1 and V2) but the motion events and notifications are now broken.

Trying to pinpoint where the problem might be coming from since I seem to be the only one having those problems. And, to my knowledge, I did not change anything in my setup (phone, tablet, network, router, modem, isp, etc.) recently.

This is on Android.

Trying to fix the issue fast enough before I throw the towel and invest in other cameras.

Thanks for any help.

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Hello! I’m a Wyze employee. :slight_smile:

We’re still supporting the original Wyze Cam but we made Wyze Cam v2 because there were hardware limitations with v1 that prevented us from adding features. We just plain ran out of space. So that’s why it hasn’t been getting as many updates. I’m pretty sure I would have heard more reports of this if it was just because of your v1. There are many of them out in the wild.

I looked into your ticket and it looks like you’re already in contact with a support agent so I’ll let them do their thing. The support team is more qualified than I am. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the clarifications.

I realize now that all my problems started after I installed the latest version (2.5.36) on one of my Android devices. I then installed it on all of my devices and the problems got worst. I could not remove it from one device and try a previous version. I had to remove it from ALL of my Android devices where the Wyze app was installed (at least to what I can see so far)

I removed that version from ALL of my devices (phone, tablets, Android box) and re-installed the only version that worked well over the past few months (2.4.82).

So far, everything is back to normal. First time Login works well (I will not try to sign out and back in), motion events get recorded on the Wyze server and I receive notifications again. I can also access settings which are stored on the Wyze server without getting network timeout errors.

Did the uninstall and re-install yesterday night and so far everything works as expected (touch wood).

Learned in the process that if you do a “clear data” you will get into trouble as this also clears all the permissions for the app (especially the storage permission which seems to be the only one required for the app to work). Also learned that Android, is a real mess created by Google (but that is my opinion and a totally different subject and I am not interested in further discussions about that).

Not sure where I will go from here since lately, I seem to have problems with every new updates that I tried but I hope that this version (2.4.82) will work for a while, at least until you release a version as reliable as this one. I intend to take a break from updates if that version proves to be (and stay) reliable.

Thank you.

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It’s a PITA for me, as well.