Problem connecting to server


I needed to uninstall and reinstall the Wyze app because I was experiencing all kinds of issues (as usual).

After reinstalling, when I try to login to my account, I receive a login error, problem connecting to server. I am connected no problem on my pixel phone and other samsung tablet.

On this Samsung S6, it will not log back to my account.

And yes I am connected to the wifi and internet with the tablet. I can access internet, access and view all of my other brand of cams.

I received an email from Wyze about a new connection but that was me. Am I now stuck from connecting to my account for a couple of hours or what else could be the problem?

Thanks for any help.

P.s. I attached a picture of the error message. Not sure it will show.
Android version 10, Samsung S6 lite tablet, latest app from google store, cam has latest firmware.


What version? Saying the exact version number so depending on when folks read this, “latest ____” may be a different version that’s available then. Plus there is the camera production and beta sides of things and saying the number will help narrow down issues.

Is there a VPN at play here?

Also the exact time it occurred. I’ve had problems connecting but I’m presently on a real poor ISP.

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Version is 2.17.7. No VPN.

Problem occured at the time I posted the original post and it is still occuring at this time. 11:00AM Eastern time, february 16 2021.,

I am not having ISP problems. I am connected to the internet, many other RELIABLE cams and I can access the Wyzecams from 2 other Android devices, I can use Netflix 4K, Amazon prime so NO it’s not an ISP problem. I will not try to logoff my other Android devices in case I get stuck not being able to login from any devices.

I still need access to the Wyzecams for now until I replace all of my Wyzecams with better cameras and especially a better and more reliable app.

Problem now fixed at 12:00pm. Back in. I guess I just needed to wait.