Wyze app not working Login error Problem connecting to the server

Wyze app not working, I was logged out and now I can’t login. I keep getting “Login Error Problem connecting to the server”


I’m getting the same error also

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Same problem can not login

Same here it looks like Amazon servers are down

I was wondering if I was the only one. I hope this gets resolved soon.

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Same hear at 12:15 can’t sign in “ cannot connect to server” message

Same here. Logged me out of all devices and can’t even reset my password.

Same here tried resetting my password tried logging in multiple times and there is nothing, there is also no support at all for any WYZE products everything is through email very disappointing getting ready to take back my products

It’s 12/24 and I’m still having the same issues logging in. Cannot access app due to “Problem connecting to server, please try again”. This has been going on for over a week. Very frustrating. What’s up??

I got that when I used my Samsung to activate a new camera, tryed 2 more times same issue,got my iPhone and activated the new camera with no issues,weird for sure

Getting this now - “To continue signing in using Safari, allow cookies to be stored on this device. You might see this screen more than once”

Safari has been cleared iPhone rebooted and settings in safari have not changed for cookies. Been using the app with the same safari settings for several months - now all of a sudden the settings are wrong? Seems a coincidence this is occurring with no notifications for over a week now.

Make sure your wyze app is updated to the new security settings

I’ve been having the same issue on and off for the last several weeks. I have the latest update and am still experiencing this issue. Can’t even log into my app to view my cameras. Very frustrating.

Power cycle your device

No change. Still getting same msg. Will not allow me to log into app

Then do a recovery of password

When has this been happening lately?

It is updated to latest version

O well try another device