Anyone else experiencing frequent login issues on the Wyze iphone App

Lately i have been experiencing more frequent login issues on the Wyze App. I see this message - Problem connecting to server, please try again. Anyone else noticing this behavior lately?


Yes. That’s why I’m here. Login Error. Problem connecting to the server. All my devices and routines stopped working and I can’t log in??

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Yes on my iPad tonight. I can’t login. First time happening. Usually, I have not to enter my credentials.


I cannot get in via my iphone

Yeah same here. I cant log in or control devices from other apps.

Looks like there is outage or Wyze is getting hacked. Wyze has had outages before as it relies on the cloud to broker the connection(s)/authentication, However I sort of suspect some fallout happening from the security issue that has recently come to light that Wyze chose to sweep under the rug. Hope it’s just an outage, but even if Wyze claims that’s what it is, how can you trust what they say any longer… that ship has sailed…

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I can get anything in my app to pull up or connect to my cameras. I’m getting the same error message

Report from Dow detector on Twitter, Wyze down in 9:13 EST.

Perhaps Wyze will chime in on what’s happening with this outage… in 3 years…

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down on iphone and web

Same issues here.

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Same here, can’t log in on iPad or iPhone. Even after entering the proper pass, I just get the problem connecting to the server message.

Can’t log in now…fine earlier now say unable to connect to server. Any updates on what the issue is and ETA on fix?

Guys, you can’t just guess what’s happening unless your information is solid from Wyze team, they have their hands and eyes there and as far as I know, not the case of any of you.

Now, for having been for the passed few years quite in the middle of cyber attacks, those are hitting targets one after the others and in a stronger way each time. Shortly before last christmas, the gouvernement of Quebec has pulled off i internet it’s entire infra, cutting itself entirely from the web to protect the data. How do I know? Cause I was in that task force.

Please, be patient. If they are facing even a fraction of what I have seen, they are right to take their time.

Remember : you know until you know.

I just put my daughter to bed and went to open the app for her monitor and can’t get in. First time having this problem.

Yep Same, can’t login to app on my iphone. Let’s hope they are on this and will post an update soon?

Same here. seems everyone is having this same issue.

Looks like if you had a connection (established) before it happened, it stayed (my tablet is showing 1 of my cams) but new connections are not working.



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