Ability to use iOS Voiceover with Wyze app

Using Whyse app with voiceover ios version v13.2.3

when sharing a camera with a user via the Wyze app I can not get focus to the green circle to submit the email.

I go to account tab, Sharing, click on new user button and enter the email, but I can focus on the button to the right to submit the email. Clicking on Done removes the keyboard and clicking on search does nothing.

Please consider making your app work better with voiceover on the Iphone. You can get to voiceover by tapping the home button three times in most cases. If this does not work, you can find voiceover under accessability wither under settings/general/accessability or settings/accessability pending on the ios version.

Thank you

Blind and low vision users of an iPhone use voiceover to interact with applications on the phone. Text Ann controls and labels are read out verbally. several words that are jammed together cannot be properly pronounced, and thus reduce the usability of the app and the related products. Ensuring that all controls and labels are correctly configured would be a big improvement.


is this still the case with voiceover?

A majority of the buttons on android have no labels and i’m wondering if this is similar on IOS?

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Yes, there has been no change or enhancement to the app in this regard. As I mentioned, the labels that do exist appear to be jammed together words and abbreviations. I don’t know if sighted people see the same labels or if this is voice over trying to compensate as best it can for missing labels. This would be such a simple enhancement to the app, I really don’t understand why it shouldn’t and has an already been implemented.

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I agree, especially since the tagline on the website is:

Making Great Technology Accessible

so sorry to know this.

As previously stated, android is riddled with unlabeled buttons.
It sounds like an effort is not being given for improvement.

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It would also be nice to know the signal quality of the devices. Currently they are represented with dots that voiceover cannot read.


The Wyze app needs to be made compatible with voiceover on the iPhone and probably talk back on android phones. It is currently not compatible with voiceover and for us blind/visually impaired users is very difficult for us to use this app. Although the website says accessible for all this app is definitely not accessible for all.

Thank you

I couldn’t agree more, I started a topic in the wish list for this exact purpose shortly after I acquired my first camera. I have not acquired additional Wise equipment for this exact issue. I have seen absolutely no improvement in the ap’s accessibility over the last several years. Hopefully they will take accessibility far more seriously in the future.

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They have taken action, just look under the account tab and notice how
it is very quirky. Just try and look at or listen to the videos on the
cloud or usb card. Navigation is impossible. Some buttons are labeled
funny. The app really needs more work with ios voiceover. I have
received no responce other then we will look in to it. I understand
this is probably a low priority as I am sure there are not many blind
/ visually impaired people using Wyze products. this is why Wyze is lo
longter my first choice when adding smart home devices. I’ve also find
that Wyze response times are slower then my other companies I now use
for my smart home devices. I no longer recommend them like I used to
just because of the accessibility and slow cam+ cloud response time.