Not A.D.A. compliant

Why is it that Wyze can have such a great, affordable product, but bIt they just don’t care about people with low vision. I have rated the app several times, giving it 3, 2, and finally 1 star. How hard would it be to offer a black on white version instead of white on green, green on green, gray on gray, and blue on blue.? I intend to start rating the app every day until someone actually contacts me, and says that Wyze is working on the issue. YES! It is an issue…


Heck they don’t care about people with normal vision. Shrinking the event thumbnails and increasing the white space around the screen makes zero sense. My respect to you and good luck with your quest! :+1:


Just an FYI - Unless you’re creating a new account everyday then you’re not rating the app everyday… You’re re-rating the app everyday. No one is suffering but you. Just thought I’d let you know.


Many of us feel the same way as you do!

As I get older, I find that “dark mode” really helps me read app screens. You can even turn it on in this forum under your user preferences. But no joy from Wyze yet. :disappointed:

You can read the reasons why and vote on this Wishlist idea here:

Can vote here also:

And here:

And you can commiserate with like minded users here:


Typical Wyze - whenever there is a problem they will make a big deal about looking into it and resolving the problem - and nothing happens. Wyze is all about talk and little or zero action.
The people who are suppose to be working on this don’t know how to produce a useable product. The guy who is the head person made a post that it would take a complete re-write of the code. Quess he is either too lazy or unskilled to address the re-write.


Is there a stable genius in our midst? Or a Ring Troll?

Thanks for the heads up. When I rated it last time, it didn’t seem that I was changing my original. I might still do it, because they read the one star ratings.


I found much better response from the Wyze group on FaceBook.


I don’t understand how you can knock Wyze and give the app a bad rating for not being ADA complaint. They don’t advertise themselves as being ADA complaint and it has never been a feature they’ve offered. If the app being ADA complaint was a requirement of yours, then why did you buy their product? It seems to me you should have done more research to find a product that fit your needs, then purchased accordingly.

Now with that said, I totally understand how this feature would be invaluable for some. If this is a feature you would like to see, then I recommend starting a new feature request for it, or up-voting an existing one.


I don’t understand how you, hodges33, can knock me for not doing my research, when you, yourself have not even researched what ADA compliance is. It is not an add on feature. It’s the law. Americans with Disabilities Act requires all businesses that rely on the general public, including Wyze, to make their business accessible. Wyze App is an ongoing part of the business. Web sites are currently being sued, and If they aren’t already, I would guess that app developers will be next.

Now, with that being said, I don’t need to add a “feature request.” I have officially notified the company that they are not compliant.


Their website isn’t ADA or WCAG 2.0 Compliant. They should look them up before they get sued. There are a lot of ambulance chasing attorneys looking for class action cases.

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Dannnnnnnng … I guess, hmmmm not arterial blood but still hurts

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I 100% stand corrected. You’re right, I’m not familiar with ADA compliance and didn’t know that apps were suppose to follow a certain set of regulations. I hope you’re able to make a meaningful impact and Wyze steps up to correct the issue.

While a feature request might not be the best name for what you want to see implemented, it still might be a good way to highlight the fact the app isn’t compliant, and perhaps for others to up-vote your request. Just a thought on another way to bring this to the attention of Wyze.



I took your advice. I don’t know if they posted yet. It has to be approved.

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Completely agree with @gregj0673 about the dysfunctional app color scheme and font size. But that’s what you can expect when you have 18-year-olds coding the app, 20-year-olds designing it and 23-year-old managers approving it. Com’on people, this is an “app”. You don’t expect anyone over 30 to use it.

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Agreed! If you have a visual acuity issue, some things require a magnifying glass and it does not have the ability to zoom in or magnify the text. Also, the review of captured events which have been viewed no longer seem to bu unbolded. Actually no images are bolded if not viewed. I always figure my eyesight is my problem.

I agree it is difficult to say I have juvenile macular degeneration since age 13 and I often have to invert things on my phone to make it black with white text on top of it and find that many of these companies applications are not very customizable for low vision individuals

Slowwwwww Burnnnnnnnnnn… Got a good point though

I agree… But when you are mass marketing a product, it’s best to design it so that everyone can use it… Not just those with pre 30 year old eyes…

Not in today’s world! :grinning: Our poor eyesight is now the product designer’s problem.

I know people who just got an actual 4 year college degrees in Human Factors Engineering, and Apple has over 50 well paid job openings right now in the Human Interface Design area

It’s a real thing and Wyze needs to get with the program if they want to survive! :slight_smile:

Absolutely! Long before the A.D.A. and industrial psychology were though of, designing a product for the largest number of potential customers has always been good business sense.

I really hope @gregj0673 shakes Wyze up a bit. This “light pastel on lighter pastel” design is horribly unusable for me except in dark rooms. I don’t care if it’s the default and everyone loves it. Good, fine, groovy. I just wish Wyze would offer the dark mode alternative! :sunglasses:

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