Not A.D.A. compliant

I don’t think they care. They really do need to find a professional to do their website. I know people who don’t even visit the site anymore because it looks so poorly.

I thought I was the only one. I have nearly typical vision but am partially colorblind and have really hard time seeing which options I’ve selected in the app (e.g., is “night vision” set to “on”, “auto”, or “off”?). The fact that some settings seem to take a second or two to load after opening the screen is another issue but doesn’t help, either. Simply using the standard iOS widgets (and presumably the analagous Android norms) and the typeface and color scheme that comes along with it would be sufficient–they’ve already done the work for you/Wyze and allow the user additional accessibility options they may need–but I know some manufacturers/marketing teams insist on putting their unique look on everything, so I’m not sure how much hope there is for that wishful thinking…

I’m not sure why so many people attacked you for suggesting this idea (everyone is fine but you?!), but I appreciate the ones who posted links to related wishlist ideas we can vote for. Thanks for bringing this up!


[mod edit] It was rude. Wyze advertised an inexpensive camera and at no time did they say that it had limitations or list them… We all expected to get a fully functioning camera that we could connect to and configure to notify us if something went kapooy… We, as customers, have a right to critique the product either in a positive manner or in a negative manner especially if we’ve tried all suggestions, (probably from Gwen) and failed to have them take care of the problem… What’s even worse is having a camera and software that appears to work and then quits for no reason… If you love Wyze so much then good for you… I believe that if you promise something in a product offering then it is your obligation to supply the same… If you fail to do so then you open yourself and your company to complaints, negative reviews and a decreasing customer base.

Snarky’s 2cents

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Correct, and that’s why I read My comment again and Withdrew it. Sometimes written comments can come across as rude.
I value the opinions I just thought you need to go to the top if you want to see change within a company. Comments on that thread and giving less stars won’t get you the results your looking for. I can take my medicine like a man and apologize if I offended anyone.

And like I said in the thread before I withdrew it it was not my intention to be rude.


That sir was a great reply… You’re back in the game

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Thank you! That is all I ask for. I will revise my rating from 1 star to 3 stars, until the update comes out.

Besides this post, and a subsequent feature upgrade suggestion, I took out a support ticket, and made sure that the tech would pass it up the ladder. I made it perfectly clear hat WYZE could be endangered, regarding noncompliance. Now that WYZE tells us uncouth, future updates, I will back off. It doesn’t mean that they can get lazy. I guarantee that I will keep their feet to the fire.

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That’s Awesome news.
Well, hopefully they make the necessary changes.
I’ll keep watching for updates.

This topic has expanded from A.D.A compliance - and that’s not a bad thing. It seems very apparent that Wyze have not enlisted the services of a qualified, experienced and over-thirty PRODUCT MANAGER. Do they even know what one is? Remember the good old days when there was a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)? Gwen is not that person and the company needs to realize that!

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I think they will, need some wyze employees on board too

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At 69, I’m an old geezer web designer. My first one was for my school district in 1997 before the ADA was passed. However, we jumped on the bandwagon as soon as I could get training. The bottom line is that an ADA compatible website/app is a Better website/app, and as much as I like Wyze products, it’s time for them to get with the program. They need to hire a consultant for design advice…

When my ADA training began, I was totally shocked when one of the two instructors, from the University of North Texas, was totally blind and entered the classroom with a guide dog. He suggested that we try to navigate websites blindfolded,

Needless to say, my eyes were totally opened to the need for ADA compatibility!!! :heart:


Software still has a development lifecycle, I think you’re referring to the archaic waterfall (linear/sequential) lifecycle. Everyone nowadays is using Agile/Lean (including Wyze), or they’re falling by the wayside because it takes too long to get a needed feature/fix in unless it’s S1/P1.

Some companies need a gentle nudge to get priorities straight, some need more pressure. Accessibility is one of those areas where things are tended to be regarded as an afterthought rather than a requirement.

I filed a support case over this issue a while back, got the usual rubber-stamp reply. I’ll have to find their FB page and make some noise… :slight_smile:

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99% of websites, mobile apps, and desktop software are NOT ADA compliant… just saying

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Agreed, but most of them use black text on white background, and for the record, I don’t need to use them in order o use a product that I purchased.

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While I agree that having an A.D.A compliant website and/or app would help make things better for a broader range of people I also understand that everything and I mean EVERYTHING has costs. Wyze, like most companies, has backers and those backers have either been promised certain things or have demanded certain things by certain times and I’m guessing that ADA compliance isn’t at the top of the list.

I’m not taking a side here; just saying this is often how business works. Also, let’s all not forget how crazy cheap Wyze products and services are. They can’t have a ton of money to work with and I imagine new products (like the upcoming outdoor cam) make more money than an ADA compliant app. Again, not taking sides; its just the cost of business.

We live in a litigious society. Preventing loss, is often time the cheapest way to go. Apple has provided everything they need, to use dynamic text. Changing a color scheme doesn’t sound that expensive. As far as websites, they can hire some companies for as little as $450/ year, and it apparently only takes one line of JavaScript.

Oh baby… Burnnnnnnnnn it down

Yeah we do which is better than violence and oppression. Anyways, I agree with you but it still doesn’t change the money situation. You say it doesn’t sound difficult and you think it’s only one line of code but I’m a developer and can tell you it isn’t nearly that easy. The whole process requires extensive testing along with fitting the development needed into a likely 1 year out planned schedule. The testing alone will cost thousands (gotta pay people for their time and knowledge).

1 year out? LOL

Not in an Agile company…

Curious, what non-security or security cameras have you found that ARE ADA compliant? And what camera apps are also fully ADA compliant on both android and iOS?