Why I joined Wyze Cameras and left in 3 weeks

The Wyze camera package looked so promising that I had bought 6 V2 cams and one sensor package with cam (total 7) from Amazon. After spending hours adjusting, re-aiming, moving the cameras etc, I could not get the false events below 150 a night. Any cars going up the road would reflect off the car in the driveway and cause an event. Moving the cam to the other side of the car was not an option. Other cams, headlights flashing across the lawn set them off. Switching from night mode to day mode set them off. The sun coming out from behind a cloud set them off (no shadows, just brighter or darker). Shadows coming and going (not moving) set them off with many unexplained. Yes I could set filters and pay for the people only detection (worked great) but I really didn’t want hundreds of events being uploaded ALL day on my internet to be analyzed. I spent hours trying to set the sensitivity down and down to no avail. Reading these community postings, it was evident that the cams motion detection will not work outside and the outside camera was not ready for prime time as well. I now have the replacement Blink system and in one evening and a couple of minor aiming changes the next day, I was able to tune it to satisfactory levels, like 4 false events and it still picked up most of my walk arounds. Sorry Wyze. Blink is not as good of a “system” as yours in so many ways that I am very sad to lose but it does mostly what it says it does and that says it all for me.

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Well, to be fair, you bought a system designed for indoor use and tried to make it work outside. Blink should be better at it as that’s what they are designed for.
I have 8 WYZE cameras. 4 are mounted outside but I don’t have notifications enabled for them. That’s not why I bought them. I just wanted to be able to check on the place when I’m not home.
It always costs more to do it right. :blush:


Question, did you try enabling the detection zones on your cams you were using outdoors? I have two cams physically outside, turned on detection zones, adjusted the detection box to a custom trigger zone, and they work great. I even have a pan cam outside, it’s great to check for package deliveries as well as front yard activity.

Angus, I have read many, many of your posts. You and many of others have made this a great forum. Thanks.


The detection zone is one of the things that is really hurting Wyze. It is a square/rectangle parallel to the frame. No tilting, no skewing. No abstract shapes or split zones that works so well on others that use a grid system. It is impossible to stop a headlight reflection off of the car you are keeping an eye on with pixel detection. You can’t eliminate a whole yard that headlights scan across at night turning the corner I am on and you can’t eliminate the whole yard when the sun comes out from behind a cloud. It is the physics of the pixel detection that no matter how far you turn it down it will still pick up the sun coming out on the lawn but no longer someone walking across it. The headlight reflection off the car is what disappointed me the most. It was constant and there was nothing I could do to even slow it down so I had to turn it off at night. That is when I realized I had the wrong system. As Angus.Black said, I tried to make an inside system work outside on a fairly busy urban location. The single limited detection zone and the pixel motion detection technology shortcomings have long been documented on this forum. It was my mistake thinking that the problems were isolated and not inherent.

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