Not capturing movement

I have four wyze cams because they are awesome. But went ahead and bought another brand because I need a backup. Wyze misses so much. Like someone walking right in front of my vehicle when they had no business being on my property. Another vehicle blocked my car in for 20 minutes and wyze did not even pick up this bright red vehicle. I love the night vision on these cameras but now I’m about to buy another of this other brand. It’s important for my safety.

It sounds like the cams need to be fine tuned in the settings. All of the following will affect your detection and notification accuracy:

  • Cam placement & location
  • Detection Settings → Sensitivity, Detection Zone
  • Event Recording selections
  • Notification selections
  • Events filters

It took me weeks and many cam relocations to find the best placement for zone coverage and very high accuracy for my cams. Security cams are NOT point and shoot. Regardless of what some believe, the AI is not Superman. It cannot be accurate in all situations and at any angle of view. The cams have to be strategically placed. That is more than half the setup adjustments to get them more accurate.


I’ve done everything. Now my most important wyze cam goes out the minute I step out of my house to go to work. I work 12 hour shifts and I live in a nice area that’s a target for break-ins because it’s two houses down from a public laundry mat. I had a package stolen when this camera was on and wyze didn’t even pick it up. Why is this camera going offline when I leave for work and back on when I come home. Sounds like someone has hacked my camera . I have a total of four wyze cams all on subscriptions I have another two ring cameras but wyze night vision is the best. Why can’t I go back more than 24 hours on these cameras and everything is gone. How would I prove anything as evidence. You should be able to scroll to the date you need and view footage but you can’t. I’ve spent so much money including two other wyzes that were cut during a break in at 2 am. You can’t even see when she did all this with a weapon in her hand. Please help. What’s the point of the subscriptions when they do t work on all my cam 3 all over outside my house.

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Please verify that the cam is giving you an “offline” cloud in the app versus the cam being turned off. They are very different functions and can be caused by two different things.

For a V3 cam that falls offline unexpectedly, it is recommended that you use a smart plug so that you can power cycle the cam remotely.

Also, some users install their cams to a WiFi hotspot produced by a cellular device that is only active when their phone’s cellular signal is present to provide internet access.

If, however, the cam is just turning off, there may be the possibility that you have a GPS Location Rule that is executing to turn off the cam when you leave that location.

Again, your settings will determine how sensitive the cam is to motion detections.

If you have an SD Card inserted set to record Continuous, it will record 100% of the time 24\7 until the card is full. I use 256GB cards and get between 21 and 28 days in full HD.

Every cam with a CamPlus subscription gets 14 Days video upload history. All that needs to be done to view those event videos for the past 14 days is select the date from the calendar dates at the top of the Events page. These dates can be scrolled left and right. Make sure you have Event Recording enabled for each cam and that you have no filters set in the events tab.

SD Card recordings are not time limited. They are only limited by the size of the SD Card and the video quality recorded.

If the cam wasn’t recording and Event Recording was turned off, there will be no video. But if the cam was set up to record and events happened, provided you have no filters set (buttons at top, funnel icon), the events will show. For example, this is one of my V3 cams on CamPlus. Note the date.

My wyze cam 3 goes offline everytime I go to work and it’s only the main camera I need the most. I have 4 wyze cam 3 and the other three stay online. The camera does this everytime and as soon as I go into my house this camera goes back online. I bought four subscriptions and set detection on all cameras and the subscriptions are supposed to show events and detections but they don’t. The most important camera where the most action/ theft/ assaults is offline when I step out my door . Really upsetting I have five dogs at home that I worry about a house that’s just a target and I can’t fix it. I had a package stolen that arrived o. The 10th and was stolen from the camera that went off line. Other subscriptions cover your package if it’s stolen . Can someone tell me what’s going on? Had someone hacked my most important camera. How else does this happen,? ?

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Check and make sure you don’t have a rule set up to turn off that camera when you leave. Maybe something that you tested long ago and have forgotten about.

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I wonder if there is a way to test this camera that goes off line? Maybe putting it where one of the other cameras that are less important is? Maybe moving the lesser important camera to the main spot? See if the problem is the location or the camera.