Larger event thumbnails

the thumbnails for alerts really help in wading through false positives (bugs flying near camera etc) . The more larger the thumbnail , the easier is would be to assess & ignore these unneeded videos.

I would presume the storage needed to hold a single frame of video of twice the dimensions would be reasonably small, especially compared to the 12 seconds of video itself.

There would be an aditional benefit for Wyze, as users would avoid downloading alert videos which didnt actually interest them, so the load on their system would be lower. thanks

This seems fundamental and not hard to do. There isn’t really anything from a technical side that would prevent it.

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The larger image may be available. What I do when I have multiple new events to review is find the time of the last event I reviewed, swipe the Events page down to refresh it and then go to the next event I haven’t reviewed. When I do, the thumbnail image of what triggered the event is temporarily displayed in either full portrait or landscape (full screen) size. If it is an obvious flying bug, I swipe to the next event.

I know that doesn’t resolve all your issues, but it is usually quick to flip through them.

are you using iOS, as the android app doesn’t do a refresh of alert thumbnails when you swipe down.

it only refreshes with a swipe down, in the preview for the live cam footage links ( screen is titled ‘products’)

Yes iOS, but I didn’t say swiping down did a refresh of thumbnails, but of the Events list. Once you have an up to date list, you can see (at least on iOS) full size images, landscape or portrait, used for the thumbnail seconds before the video actually loads and if it’s an obvious insect, move on to the next event. A) it’s a workaround, B) it indicates the full size image may already be on the phone.

I agree, the images are very small and having one of the smallest iPhones, mine are extremely small. Which is why I use my workaround. Also, you should vote for your own Roadmap request.

thanks OverWatch, on android there is no large thumnail preview.

from your description i suspect that the thumbnails are already in HD format, download in HD format and then , after a tiny delay to resize(noticeable on ios only), get displayed in the app as small thumbnails so that more can fit onscreen.

this is even more reason for this feature to be added.

It would be great if the Alert and Notification thumbnails were larger. The Notification thumbnails on iPhone are too small to do any good. The Alert thumbnails on iPhone are somewhat better, but it would be nice if Alert thumbnails were 2-3 times larger. A setting for the thumbnail size might be best to fit the most needs. Any text could be layered on top of the thumbnail (or directly beneath them) to save room and allow for as large a thumbnail as possible. Thanks! (reference; clip, snapshot, tiny, big, bigger, large)


With the latest release (June 11, 2020), thumbnails got smaller. They need to be 2x to 3x lager than they are now. I would not mind scrolling more if I could see the thumbnail detail better.

On top of that, it would really help if the thumbnail was a 1-second clip (animated gif?) of the frames that triggered the event. Perhaps that doesn’t make sense for “Sound” events, but that’s fine.

The event thumbnails used to be big enough that I could scan them to see if I want to play the recording. That’s no longer possible because recently the events thumbnails were made about half the size of what they were. I would like to see them made larger again.

Mod edit event thumbnails were bigger prior to 2.11 update

The smaller thumbnail size is especially evident on larger screens such as on an iPad.



The tradeoff is that you do get more events per screen in the new app update.


Thanks for your comment. I’d rather have the larger thumbnails. Even though there are more of the smaller ones, they aren’t very useful.


Yes, the small thumbnails adopted in the last release have greatly reduced the usefulness of the Wyze app. Please consider reverting to the former size.

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Heck, make it a toggle setting if you really think there’s some benefit to providing many tiny little pictures when we’re trying to review events at a glance. Tiny thumbnails for statically placed monitoring cameras is a really dumb idea - whatever we are interested in seeing for an “event” in that space will ALWAYS be much smaller than the frame!

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I greatly dislike the small photos when you bring up the events. Please give me back the larger photos.

So you get more events you can’t see because they are way too small. Wyze’s thumbnail change have made my camera use pretty useless or devote a LOT time opening the Videos.

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I agree. Team Wyze: Do you have any plans to return to the bigger thumbnails?

I can highly recommend older versions of the app for the time being. So far they still work well.

so … much … wasted … space

(I won’t even bring up landscape mode on the iPad)

This was a good product when I first bought mine now it is pretty much worthless. The small event pictures are basically unusable and they can not be expanded. Is there a way to go back to the older version?

Absolutely, if you are using Android and are comfortable with sideloading, you can find the old versions of the app at places like and It takes perhaps a minute to download and install. (I would uninstall your existing version first.) After installing, it’s a good idea to turn “install from unknown sources” back off. Slightly different procedure in newer Android, unfortunately. Here’s one article

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