Event Video Small

I’ve only seen this on my Pixel 3a/Android.

When I select an event to view, the video doesn’t fill the field–it’s only as wide as the progress bar. The video is properly sized before play starts but then reduces while playing.

And while I’m at it I find the event thumbnails on the small size when displayed in the list. It makes it more difficult to review and decide whether to play it or not and more likely I might miss something.

That’s odd. I haven’t noticed that issue and I have the same phone. You can’t rotate the screen to maximize the event video? I hit the maximize button and can watch it on the full screen

I agree the event video thumbnails are small but if they made them bigger than you won’t be able to fit as many on the screen at one time. You can vote for bigger thumbnails here.


Well all I can do is report what I’ve found and have. I just got the phone last week. I can maximize the video by rotating it–that works like before. But before I rotate and after I rotate back the video is smaller.

I can add one more thing. Sometimes the video shrinks and is left justified in the field. Sometimes it’s centered. It never runs as before filling the field.

Thanks for the link. I would rather see the thumbnails better than more of them.

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That’s very odd. I would just put in a ticket to see if they can look into it. I don’t know if any other pixel 3a users or Android who have encountered this.

Update: My wife bought the same phone and she just installed Wyze (first time). (Wyze was re-installed for me when I transfered phones.) Surprisingly she has no problems. She will have a few pending updates coming or it could be my settings on my phone although I did not change anything. I will play around with it. I could uninstall and then reinstall Wyze but I’m not sure if I lose my setup if I do this. My settings shouldn’t affect how Wyze operates in this case but there has to be something.

Edit: I did change the display size from ‘default’ (Medium) to ‘Large’ but it did not affect the problem.

That’s what I’d suggest. Uninstall the app completely and reinstall it. Your settings should remain. :slight_smile:

Uninstalled, restarted, reinstalled did not help. I’ll keep playing around with it…

Gotcha. Well, I’m not sure. Since it doesn’t seem to be device-specific, it may be a little tough to pinpoint. Can you confirm that you and your wife are running the same version of the app? My understanding is that with the Google Play store, app updates sometimes don’t roll out simultaneously for all users, so it’s theoretically possible that you’d be running different versions, even if you both updated at the same time. You may also want to check if you’re on the same version of Android. Any differences like that would be useful in pinpointing the problem.

If you haven’t already try adjusting the display settings in Android. It sounds like it could be an issue with that. I would start with screen resolution.


Good suggestion. I didn’t even think of that. If that’s the issue, it’s probably a bug that should be reported. :slight_smile:

Wyze App 2.7 seems to have fixed the problem. Possibly related to the gray overlay problem.

Edit: My wife has also started to see the improperly sized event videos on her phone. She will update to 2.7 as well.

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I’m glad the update fixed it and your problem is solved!

It’s back – Android 2.9.62.


I’ve noticed a few things. It only happens for event videos for one of my cameras. It also happens to be the camera where I have ‘Complete Motion’ enabled (courtesy of Wyze). Also the video is small only in portrait view; landscape works fine.

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Well, that’s not good. Have you submitted a support request and logs through the app to Wyze? If so, please post the ticket number here.

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Same here in Android app 2.13.119. Only for the event videos from my PanCam which has CMS enabled. Small in portrait view, and full-size in landscape (full screen) mode.

Ticket 766870

Yeah, they fixed it for normal event viewing but not for CMS and haven’t figured this out almost 6 months later. I’m not impressed with Wyze–it’s always 2 steps forward and one step back.