Wyze App 2.11 Released! - 6/10/20

Am I the only one that thinks the “Events” area is much more cluttered now? No need to separate by the hour with the exact time next the each event. The little image of a person took up much less space then the work “Person”. The event thumbs seam smaller. And why do I now have to return all the way to the top of the events to “Select All”? Changes are good when and if they’re needed. I’d really like to go back 2 versions and stay there… Bug fixes great. All the cosmetic changes???


Perhaps I’m missing it but my notifications went away with the new update. I am on IOS13. My neighbor’s is not working as well and she has an Android. Any ideas?

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A lot of users have asked for dark mode. I haven’t read any threads complaining about the old Events tab. There may be some, i just haven’t seen them because I had no problem with it other than the stark white, no contrast, theme of the app overall.

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This version is asking for more permissions.
The permission list is foot long.
Myself worries more on giving away so many permissions of my device than other features.

Thumbnails need to be bigger please


Maybe they should give users an option in the settings where you can choose to have bigger thumbnails (less thumbnails on a page) or smaller thumbnails (more thumbnails). I think it’s nice to have more thumbnails on a page, but I agree it is too small now.

There’s an old wishlist topic on this.


… a LOT bigger. Previous versions have all had tons of wasted space while viewing on an iPad, but now it’s even worse. Love the cameras, and the app for the most part, but please, don’t force me to buy a pair of reading glasses.


@jls4wheeler I guess we have to vote for the person filter to come back to the events homepage…


Saw the update today. I love your cams, I tell people aout them often - but this update is disappointing. Like a LOT of people, I am gettting older - the thumbnails were already hard to see, they’re almost useless now. I literally have to use +6 glasses to make sense of them. The bold print before was nice - If I looked at the clip it changed and I could tell which ones I had already viewed. Also, I don’t like having to scroll all the way back up to change filters.


THIS. I miss being able to just click Person without the steps.


Just updated, I’m very impressed. It’s lightning fast now and the events tab is very well done.

Reading glasses to find your stylus… or stylus to poke around for misplaced reading glasses. How about a Sense implementation to determine if your glasses are snugged on top of your head or not. Does 3M sticky tape hold to bald head skin? :wink:


The app is super bright at night like a flashlight , too much white no good. Dark theme needed



“We hates the light, it burns us”

:grinning: :grinning:


Mine went missing as well. Also person detection is very poor.

I completely disagree, person detection for my cameras is spot on. I guess you might need to adjust detection setting to find that sweet spot because I did exactly that. Adjust, observe, modify observe and so on. It’s just finding that sweet spot.

Mine detects people outside the detection zone but doesn’t detect people in the detection zone. How should I adjust for that? :slight_smile:


Sorry if this has already been discussed, but … is it my imagination or can you no longer SWIPE while viewing an Event to advance forward/backward? Has that functionality been removed?

Trial and error. Put in a 32g micro SD and set to continuous. Remove detection zone. Set detection very high at first like 90-100 with no sound detection as that comes later as well. Go test it. Get it tuned in. Perfect it

Then add a Detection zone. Now goes see how that responds. I can’t tell you my settings as they are different for my location and placement of cameras.

Figure out how detection zone affects your camera, especially with cool down alerts ( but you have continuous on card ) and approach the camera from different angles. Adjust Detect Zone for that.

Sound detection is off on mine, I’m rural and I can hear a beer cracking open and a Aaaahh from 500’ away easily from neighbors. Only smoke and carbon alerts are set. Yours will be different.

You have to learn to think like a Burglar or a Thief, No Miscreant is going to walk up you footpath to your door. They are going to sneak. I use aftermarket infrared hooded IRLED’s to highlight bushes where they would scope out upon approach. They can’t see they are illuminated. I can and the cameras can. The last thing I want a camera covering is my doors. I want that heads up and if cameras trigger then it’s real.

Go spend time learning how these cameras work and get some aftermarket lights, even pathway dollar general solar walkway lights @ $2 each can steer a n’er do well away from intended path and right to the cameras.

Amazon has the IR LED outdoor lights very cheap. ILLUMINATE.

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After a restart person detection and notifications see to have come back. Detection area shifted some, still fine tuning that again.

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