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On my android I get a thumbnail show when I go into Event and then top right corner and hit the flash icon and it shows a thumbnail show of all the event for each camera which I like. Not on the android phone which I use, it shows only the v3 cam plus+ graph chart woopee… also it won’t do it on my wife phone which I share with… Anybody got this… or is it an Easter egg…

That feature was tested only in a recent Beta App release and did not make it to the Production Release.

It was discussed in detail within the last two Beta App Release Topics that contained the feature. Here is my summary from the Beta Topic where I tested it.

Are you running the same App Versions? I know that this was in one of the beta releases and then removed. Not sure it is ready for primetime yet

However, a lot of us liked that feature

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All phones and Tablet running the same app v.2.46.0 (368) And I got cam plus lite on one camera. This works on all camera on the tablet but not on the phones app. I like it those

They must have just recently reactivated it. I just checked again in my Production Release Android App and the button is now providing the slideshow and timeline.

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on my iPhone this feature - thumbnail show - works on the 3 cams that are NOT on cam plus. It does not work on any of the cams on the cam plus program.

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They have been experiencing some … hiccups with this new feature. It has been addressed by Wyze:

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I absolutely love the new event slideshow feature. It’s particularly great for my V3 bird feeder cam to quicky see a timelapse of all the birds that visited over the course of the day.

The one thing I can’t figure out is why it only works on roughly half of my cameras. Some cameras I get a consistent slideshow every day (like my birdfeeder cam and my side door cam) but others always give me the cartoon picture of the house and lake with the message “No recent events in the past 24 hours”

All cams are V3 except for one V3 Plus . The plus does work and about half of the V3’s work, but a couple of them never display the slideshow, even though they do have recorded events on the event page.

I’ve gone through event recording and SD setting to make sure they all match.
All cams are on Cam Plus Unlimited.
All cams have latest Firmware.
App is up to date.

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Are those with Cam Plus Lite having the same Thumbnail Show experience as I described here?

Did I miss anything or get something wrong? :slight_smile:

I have only cam v2s, all on Cam Plus Lite.

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This is an interesting feature that showed up in my iOS app about two days ago, followed by a notification in the app yesterday. I only see still images as a Cam Plus Lite user.

However, I now have started experiencing problems with my event videos loading properly when I want to look at the video. Restarting my phone seems to resolve the problem for a bit.

Just speculation at the moment, but could the automatic downloading of the Thumbnail Show events (which I see as the little icon filling up again and again on my events screen) be screwing up streaming the videos? If so, that’s a real problem!!!

Is anyone else experiencing this? Thanks - it is a real pain at the moment.

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The Thumbnail Slideshow is only snapshots for all users. As a Cam Plus subscriber, my slideshow only shows the Smart AI object that was tagged in the event. It does not show any untagged motion events.

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Interestingly, the Thumbnail Show icon disappeared from my App this morning (it is no longer visible) and I am able to stream event videos again. That would seem to confirm that was causing the issue, but not having any control over that at the user end (i.e. no way to turn off the autoload function) seems quite problematic.

I have a V3 on Cam Plus along with a Cam OG on Cam Plus. The Event Thumbnail Show works for the OG, but never shows anything for the V3. Is there a specific setting for the thumbnail show to have it work on the V3? It seems to always show the OG show, but it always says No Events (with current events listed in the events tab) when I select the V3 From the Thumbnail Show pull-down. Both cameras are latest firmware and the app version is latest for IOS. Anyone have a suggestion to fix this? I’ve cleared App Cache and also restarted the app and also the V3 camera.

Do both cameras have cam plus?

Yes, both are on Cam Plus. The Thumbnail Pull Down, to select which camera you want to view, also indicates Cam Plus.

I just tested this on my Android Production App v. and have replicated what you are seeing.

There seems to be a problem with the Thumbnail view and the Timeline View of the Event Reports UI loading V3 Cam Cam Plus Events. I was successful in getting them loaded for other types of cams… OG, PanV3, V3Pro, but only one of my V3 cams would load the events. Oddly enough, it is the only V3 that has an accessory installed. The Floodlight Pro Cams also would not load.

When it failed, it would change the cam name header, but was still showing the previously displayed cam event snapshot.


I’m seeing this as well. Though for me it’s all v3s

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I previously contacted support about this and now hopefully the engineers are aware of the problem. I have experienced this on all my cameras but V3 is definitely the worst and most consistent offender. I’m glad someone else posted because I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one.

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Same problem here for me. None of my V3 cam’s show thumbnail videos, only my OG cam does.


This is a V3 cam from yesterday and today. Plays just fine.

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