Fix-It Friday - 11/3/2023

For Friendly Faces–not working on V3, V2, Pan V1 and Pan V2.

Yes, if enough other people agree that it is the main problem they want addressed by Wyze, then it should make it into a FiF report/update. This issue will get addressed either way, but presumably, by the time Jason pulled the voting tally on Monday morning, it didn’t have more votes than the other issue that beat it out. I believe people kept voting/liking on the issue after Monday had passed…this happens a lot, but Jason almost always pulls the vote tally sometime on Monday and any votes after that don’t count even if people keep voting (unless Jason announces otherwise like he did last month).

Personally, I thought either the friendly Faces or the non-responsive V3Pro issue would win in the forum. But, I guess they already submitted a fix for the V3Pro issue, so it wasn’t needed for Fix-it-Friday, and Friendly Faces won in Discord, so they switched to the 3rd place runner in the forums, which I guess was the Thumbnail feature not working right.

Having said all that, I agree that the Bulb/plug issue is a MUCH more important issue, that deserves priority. I personally believe it deserves a Hot-Fix-update level priority. It would have been nice to have had that added as a bonus submission this month.


Yes, it should be top priority fix when you cannot add older plugs or older bulbs using the current app! I guess the fix is to buy the new plugs and new bulbs, and that is what I had to do this week (I really like the BR30 Color bulb).

Hallelujah, the grid is back. v2 firmware, android app, Cam Plus Lite.

Didn’t do nuthin except give up. :person_shrugging:

Howzabout you other fellers and gals? @gyzmo  @others



I’ve never experienced the box vs grid issue on my v2 cams. I’m running latest with some cams on Cam Plus and some on Cam Plus Lite.


I see all motion events (including persons detected) with a v2 on Cam Plus Lite. Cannot choose to see only persons detected that I can tell. I can watch and scrub around the thumbnail show, but tapping a thumbnail doesn’t play the full event (a Cam Plus promo displays instead) and the timeline is non-functional (no response when tapping an indexed event.)


Interesting. So, which thumbnails it plays is app coded depending on the subscription then. :thinking:


I guess. A ‘Congratulations, you’ve earned a new feature!’ screen popped-over the Events page when I accessed it this morning.

I fiddled with it sleepily for a little while. I don’t know that I’d totally trust my reporting. :slight_smile:

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Lol, what a joke…

Sometimes they have the box, sometimes the grid…


mr. WyzeJasonJ we get 6 votes ? If you need someone to translate we can do it , is a very not funny.

Bummer, gyz. I have only one cam that was/is on the fritz.

Are you saying that the grid is ‘coming and going’ - ie, alternating between grid and box randomly - on those cams with the flaw?

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Exactly. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yup, mine is back. Told Jason last week.


That messy grid is the result of Wyze translating the grid from English to French. :grin:


Better and better . Nothing surprises me anymore.:rofl:


Pan V3, down again.

Log: 1230942

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@IEatBeans @SlabSlayer @ashtonwalky For thumbnails issue is that mainly reproduced on V3 only after recent app upgrade or random cameras? More details would be super helpful. Thanks!


I am currently only have issues with my 2 Cam V3’s. The earliest version of the app that I can verify this issue started on is 2.47.0.b371

I contacted support with this issue, my ticket number is 3419316. I will say that I was originally experiencing issue with all my cameras but now it is only the Cam V3’s.

My Video Doorbell Pro, Can OG, and Pan v3 are all working correctly

@WyzeDesmond, I just did a walk around on all my cams, all subscribed to Cam Plus.

Android Production App

I have V3 cams on multiple FW versions and all are currently loading both the Thumbnail Slideshow and the Timeline Player in the Event Reports. The issue appears to be resolved for my V3 Cams. It was also tested and successful on PanV3, VDBv1, OGS, OGT, and V3Pro cams.

I have a Floodlight Pro with 5 Smart Detection AI Events today that will not load the Slideshow or Timeline. It stalls at loading both the Slideshow and Timeline. The image remains of the last cam viewed. However, I have another FLP with 3 SD AI Events that does load both the Slideshow and Timeline. Both are running Production FW


On the latest iOS app my v3s are all showing 1 event. I will watch them for a few days and see if it shows more than one event